Windows 10 What happens to your product key after upgrade?


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Dec 17, 2015
Hi, I'm considering upgrading to windows 10 from 7, but I'm a bit concerned about game compatibility/performance. I noticed minecraft has a windows 10 version, why doesn't the regular version work? Anyway I'd like to know what happens to my windows product key once I upgrade. I heard it would be easy to revert, but what if I need to reinstall windows? Will the product key work for 7 or 10? or not at all?

Minecraft works fine in Windows 10. I haven't seen any games that don't work yet and I have a lot (almost 200) on steam. As for reverting back to Windows 7 it's a simple process.
  • Press WinKey + i
  • Updates & Security
  • Recovery
  • Click the Get Started button under the Go Back to Windows #

Thank you for your answer Neemobeer, I'm happy to hear you haven't had any problems with your steam games. I guess minecraft's windows 10 version must be for tablets.

Just to be clear, The Win-BT and Windows.old folders are required by the system to perform the rollback operation. After 30 days, Windows 10 automatically deletes these.

I guess minecraft's windows 10 version must be for tablets.
I assume the 10 year old mouse drivers may have something to do with that as well?