Windows 8 What is my option ?


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I have run into a quagmire.
Presently, I have installed win 8.1 preview into an old Dell Inspiron laptop which used to run Vista.
I like the preview so much that I am ready to install the Final Release of 8.1 when it becomes available.
The thing is, I do not have a valid upgrade path to install the win 8.1 final release.
I need to reinstall my Vista > then buy and install a retail Win 8 version > then I will be able to install/upgrade to 8.1.

So, with that in mind, I proceeded to reinstall Vista. I got stuck on "Windows unable to start".
I had tried to do repair computer, restart with the Good Configuration, restart in Safe Mode. None works.

Now, question :
if a retail FULL version ( not an upgrade version ) of 8.1 Pro becomes available and I buy one, will it get clean installed to this laptop computer which refuses to start ?
This computer, in essence, does not have a " working " Windows OS. Will clean install 8.1 fail in this case?

Thank you.
Wait. I am in !!!

I tried reinstalling Vista at least 4 times, each time it failed at the last stage..... Unable to start the windows.

I shut it down with despair and disgust.
Then I turned on my laptop, and suddenly it let me in.

Go figure.

sorry to have wasted your time reading my post.