What is my option ?


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I have run into a quagmire.
Presently, I have installed win 8.1 preview into an old Dell Inspiron laptop which used to run Vista.
I like the preview so much that I am ready to install the Final Release of 8.1 when it becomes available.
The thing is, I do not have a valid upgrade path to install the win 8.1 final release.
I need to reinstall my Vista > then buy and install a retail Win 8 version > then I will be able to install/upgrade to 8.1.

So, with that in mind, I proceeded to reinstall Vista. I got stuck on "Windows unable to start".
I had tried to do repair computer, restart with the Good Configuration, restart in Safe Mode. None works.

Now, question :
if a retail FULL version ( not an upgrade version ) of 8.1 Pro becomes available and I buy one, will it get clean installed to this laptop computer which refuses to start ?
This computer, in essence, does not have a " working " Windows OS. Will clean install 8.1 fail in this case?

Thank you.


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Wait. I am in !!!

I tried reinstalling Vista at least 4 times, each time it failed at the last stage..... Unable to start the windows.

I shut it down with despair and disgust.
Then I turned on my laptop, and suddenly it let me in.

Go figure.

sorry to have wasted your time reading my post.


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Yes...but you will need to back up any data you deem savable. Then during the install process you will need to select custom install and then select the drive where the previous OS is installed and select format. This will wipe the drive and then proceed to install windows 8 on a clean HDD.


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