What Song Do You Like or Are You Listening Too?


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On 4-21-10 Jeff Beck and Joss Stone got together and did THIS!
American Idol, “Idol gives back” saved thousands of lives in the third world with this charity concert, packed with great talent.
This is my YouTube channel. Click around and see what else you might like!
The harder J/S pushes her voice, the more distorted and BETTER it sounds! IDK how she does it.


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For anyone who ever danced in field with a thousand other like minded people.... Ecstasy (just like the 90's)



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"from the beginning"
emerson, lake & palmer
… still has the power to drain my spine.

circa 1972 (w/lyrics)

circa 2005 (performed by greg-lake (wrote the song))

edited to extend courtesy.
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Hmm..how does one choose..I'm a headbanger at heart..but a chance to show range..was there a song limit?
Ah...im not good with following direction anyway..

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