What Song Do You Like or Are You Listening Too?


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Well, Mozart wrote his first symphony at age of 8, his first opera at 12.

You seem to be a Penguin fan; Linus Torvalds spent his childhood in solitude with a computer... age 8 or 12?

We need funny types to roll the world on. Like

Lyrics: http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/jethrotull/toooldtorocknrolltooyoungtodie.html

You right. You can really accomplish anything if you are consistent, especially if you start early.


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Quite so. In Maths, you should start at the age of 5 or 6 - no kid of that age understands anything of all it's about. Mozart's father kicked his son, thus a star was born - it does take some force, not necessarily our present mode of soft upbringing.

We're going off topic, we need to start a new one, if interested. But at its best, this is a great place:

To add, a certain community has been exposed in FIFA World Cup 2014. We're nasty, aren't we, but perhaps we can live together?

Are you referring to racism in soccer/football? FIFA trying their best to control that. We have come a far way as a people but still have a way to go.
Hakuna Matata


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Sorry if I was unclear. But no, I don't refer to racism - or well, I do, I also mean all other prejudices; the community I meant is the community of entity, goes from worms to men. To live in harmony, that would be the true science fiction.


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A few halcyon tunes:

This 'was' the sound of the suburbs circa 1979... I remember buying this and thinking Punk rock was here to stay... Oh if i only knew.. Still... Some great times..:

Couldn't resist:

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Don't know if it's a syndrome of "Grandpa going crazy", but here's one of my everlasting classics:

Gosh. And do I love my grandson - figure.


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I didn't really like Sid Vicious, he was a sad manipulated figure of Maclarens imagination IMO although I loved the album 'Never mind the Bollocks, here's the Sex Pistols'. I remember taking it to the school club one evening and the teachers faces were such a picture...
How innocent we all once were.. lol.

Right now it is Michael Gray - The Weekend


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I found this old gem. It's a true piece.


To claim to be alone?

By Hector, 1975. Translation mine. This is like Aqualung.

Näitkö vanhan miehen, Did you see that old man,
Joka kärryjänsä työntää. Pushing his cart.
Niihin kamaa haalii, Hauling stuff,
Mikä muilta yli jää. Leftover from others,
Silmissään vain menneisyyttä, Eyes with only past,
Sodat, joihin joutui syyttä. Wars without his own blame,
Eilisiin lehtiin valheet eiliset jää. Yesterday's papers with yesterday's lies remain.

Kertosäe: chorus:
Niin kuinka siis voit edes väittää So how can you even claim
Sä että yksinäinen oot. To be alone.
Jos halki kaupunkimme kuljet If walk through our city
Ilman että silmät suljet, Not closing your eyes,
Huomaat, että sentään You'll see that almost
Lähes onnellinen oot. You're almost happy.

Ootko nähnyt miehen, Have you seen the man,
Joka toista miestä etsii. Looking for another.
Seuraasi hän tahtoo, He wants to meet you,
Häntä katsot inhoten. You look with despise.
On silmissään vain pelokkuutta Eyes of him only fear,
Arkaa rakkaudettomuutta, Tender lovelesness,
Ymmärrystä hieman Understanding a bit
Hän pyytää vaieten. He asks quitely.

Kertosäe chorus

Ootko nähnyt naisen, Have you seen the woman,
Joka ruumiinsa on myynyt. Who sold her body.
Hän asemalla seisoo She stands at the station
Tyhjä sydän kädessään. With empty heart in her hand.
Autiot on silmät nämä, Desolate are eyes her,
Hymy tuskan jähmettämä. Smile stiffed by pain.
Hän ei edes muistaa voi, She can't even remember,
Kuinka itketään. How to cry.

Kertosäe chorus

Ootko nähnyt pojan Have you seen the boy
Alta kahdentoista vuoden Less than twelve
Jossain hourailevan Raving somewhere
Joku pullo kädessään. With a bottle in his hand.
Tinneri tai alkoholi, Thinner or alcohol,
Missä isä, äiti oli, Where dad, mam was,
Kun lapsi öisin heräs When kid woke up in the night
Märkään, pimeään To wet, dark

Niin kuinka siis voit edes väittää So how can you even claim
Sä että yksinäinen oot. You are alone.
Jos kuljet kanssain halki slummin, Walk with me through the slum,
Puhut ehkä harkitummin, You may talk more reason,
Huomaat, että sentään You'll see you are almost
Lähes onnellinen oot. You are almost happy.


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while i enjoy everything from flamenco to classical to rock (except rap) … thomas-feiner has been topping my list for past several years.

among feiner's memorable etudes (e.g. dinah, siren, postcard, bested-bones) … my favorite would probably be "for now" … veritably, thought provoking.



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I am currently listening to Ed Sheeran's Photograph. :)




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Let It GO from The Beats

Axel PC

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After a long day of work, being husband and daddy. I like to chill out with a glass of my favorite "daily driver" :up: wine Midnight by Menage-a-Trios and surf the web to some space/cyber punk ambient music.


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