What we know about Windows Vienna


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Hi guys,

I thought I would it would be good to make a thread about what we know about Windows Vienna (formerly Blackcomb). If you know any that is missing, please reply, and give your source:

Windows Vienna is not a major release of Windows, Vista is. http://www.winsupersite.com/faq/windows_7.asp

Windows Vienna will be in 2009. Microsoft has made it clear that they will not be delaying this OS like they did with Vista. http://www.winsupersite.com/faq/windows_7.asp

Windows Vienna will have the new file system that Vista was suppose to have. http://www.winsupersite.com/faq/windows_7.asp

Regards, Matt

And now what they know:



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RE: What we know about Windows Vienna / Windows 7

Nice post Chaoswarrior. :) So, looks like they might be going back to a number system, rather than names, like XP, ME and Vista.

About the virtual machines, that I think is what Microsoft should have been doing from awhile ago. And I like that you will be able to customize the look. On linux, it;s pretty customiziable, and that's one thing that I like about it.

RE: What we know about Windows Vienna / Windows 7

I have to disagree. I can tell from the name that Windows 7 meets my definition of a major release. In fact, the SuperSite's FAQ was changed to say that it's a major release.

No, we don't "know" that Windows 7 will have the new file system. This has not been confirmed and the SuperSite FAQ only says it will "likely" include WinFS.


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RE: What we know about Windows Vienna / Windows 7

Yeah, the original post was made back in May of 2007, so things have changed. So long as Microsoft doesn't do to Windows 7 as they did to Windows Longhorn, Windows 7 will be a major release. Vista is officially a Major release, but there were a lot of things left out, such the new interface that was supposed to be in Windows 7, as well as the WinFS filesystem. Let's just hope that it ships with all the stuff that it's supposed to have.

As for IE8 being designed by the person that created the ribbon interface, that sounds good to me.

RE: What we know about Windows Vienna / Windows 7

Well afaik windows 7 is developed by the same person as ie8(i hope),so there might definitely now be more chances for a new interface...and we all know already that it will be a major release so don't unnecesarily remember us...

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