What's wrong with my resolution???

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Graphics' started by DisposableSaint, Nov 4, 2009.

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    I just finished installing Windows 7 on my HP Pavilion dv9700 Notebook PC with NVIDIA graphics (processor is an AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-60 2000 MHZ) and my screen resolution looks terrible. Where it was once crisp and clear on Windows Vista, it's now huge, blocky and blurry even after I upped the resolution to 1024x768 which is the highest resoution offered to fit my monitor. I also switched the colour to 16 and back again, and this too did nothing. It also tells me when I try to set a screensaver I need a new video card or one compatible with Direct3D. My laptop is only a year old and worked perfectly with Vista, I shouldn't need a new video card. Why does it look like Windows Basic when I have Windows 7 Professional and is there any other way besides reverting back to Vista that I can fix the problem?
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    Try this:

    Click "Start" and type and enter "ap" to enter the appearance menu. Click "best performance" then go back
    to "Let Windows choose.."

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