What Is Wrong With My Video Directory?


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I don't know what did this but if I am in a program that ask me to select a folder for a video to be saved to or imported from it has changed the name of a directory path even in windows explorer it shows an incorrect complicated path that looks like something to do with zune.

I have created a folder 'Movies & TV' which gets changed as you can see in the photos below. How do I fix this? I assume it's a registry error.

It doesn't effect the files, it is only that sub-directory of Videos. I have MANY subdirectories inside C:\Users\Randy\Videos.


I don't even own a Microsoft Zune

The 2 explorer photos are only meant to only show what's happening in the address bar. That same thing is happening if I am in a program that ask me to pick a directory to use and I select C:\Users\Randy\Videos\Movies & TV\ or anything within that directory including subfolders. Everything will have this preceding it's address such as

C:\Users\Randy\Videos\Microsoft.ZuneVideo_8wekyb3d8bbwe!Microsoft.ZuneVideo\Check\Fix\Recode Names & Titles

When they should be as follows:

C:\Users\Randy\Videos\Movies & TV\Check
C:\Users\Randy\Videos\Movies & TV\Check\Fix
C:\Users\Randy\Videos\Movies & TV\Check\Fix\Recode Names & Titles

Can someone please look at this Forum Link, they are discussing something with the exact same


What the heck is going on with my computer? This is crazy