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Now Windows 8 has been released fully into the wild the number of apps to be found in the store has risen considerably. There are now literally thousands to choose from with some being better than others.
If you have a favourite or know of a particularly useful app, which is free, please post and let others know.

I'll start the ball rolling with a few of my own:


Radiant Defense: A tower type game which is maddeningly addictive. You do have to pay for the better towers but I had hours of fun without paying a bean.

PinBall FX2: 3D Pinball. Cool to waste a few hours and graphics are crisp.

Judge Dredd Vrs Zombies: Obviously made for the phone but is entertaining non the less.

BackGammon Pro: A Backgammon game and it's free. Grab it while you can.

Guns4Hire: Control 4 guy's with different weapons and earn extra money to buy better weapons. Graphics are a surprise

Pirates love Daises: Another tower game but surprisingly good. Had many hours being driven crazy by this one..


NetFlix: Watch your favourite shows on your pc or device.


NASA News: News from NASA


Bitmap Live Tile clock: Places a clock on the start screen. 5 Themes.
These are just a few for now and I'll add some more as time progresses. Please post your favourites too.
some nice choices on your part if I may say so. However, I at least somewhat disappointed in at least how I see the Windows app store. Coming back from using Macs and the Apple store, at least I see the Windows app store as needing some more intensive work on it; to make it more user friendly and easier to get around and for that matter enjoy more as a user. Am I incorrect but, I find no way to search for what is looking for. I know it takes time and work to get things perfect. But, I miss the cleaner look and easier feel of the Mac app store. Hope things will get better in the future.
I don't use the apps at all. I continue to use all the same software I have always used. My system is always to busy to have a monitor hogged up by a full screen app. After all being able to have multiple windows open and sized any way you want them is what Windows has been. Naturally the app thing makes sense on a tablet, just not on a real computer. If they ever make them so they can be sized like any program I might mess with them.
I found a new (well new to me) zombie shooter. It's called Zombie-Nator and even has a world ranking score. Anyway it kills a few minutes of tedium.. :)

@ Lorenkjr1, hey good to see you around.. And yes i think the store apps will improve as time goes on. They already have quite a few to choose from albeit phone apps but now release is under way i'm sure the quality will rise.
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Thanks for the welcome back. I am strictly pc these days as I replaced my MacBook Pro with a quad processor Sony laptop with Windows 8 on it. I like Windows 8 so far. Suits me very well. Don't have a touch screen but, that's something I live without. I will go back shortly to the Windows Store, and have another look around. Be well!!!
Well after re examining the content of the Windows store, I do know some apps that I would like to find but, did not. I have Microsoft 2010 but, without Access. And I don't really like using Onenote for a database. Suggestions? Also any suggestions om Wifi controlling software. I do not have a wifi extender for out on my patio, where I enjoy sitting and working with my computer. Lets see bet you know what the last one is? You know I love holiday graphics and icons, any suggestions for sprucing up the lap for the holidays?

I did get Sisoft Sandra. No regrets there. Really gives me a lot of good info. I was also able to pick up Artsoft Companion 4, for use with my laptop Camera. Funny Sony does not include everything. I have no regrets being PC only now days. Thank goodness this fine establishment is still available for quality advice and good fun too. Plus a nice chiller pad for keeping my laptop cool. Thats how I suspect I lost my Macbook Pro, was from high heat.

I like Windows 8, I seriously hope it does well eventually.
Try open source software: Why Apache OpenOffice. It's compatible with microsoft office too..
As for the WiFi stuff, not my strong point i'm afraid. I'd only use Google anyway. :)
Re: What's your favourite Store app and Windows 8

Thanks a lot, as OpenOffice will do just fine for the database part for sure. The more I use Windowws 8 the more I like it. And it's not so memory heavy like Vista was, is it? Ok, I will also add that Windows 8 at least for me, is easier to use and more fun too!
I like Windows 8, I seriously hope it does well eventually.[/QUOTE]
Re: What's your favourite Store app and Windows 8


Ultimate Windows 8 Shortcuts


Tired of racking your brain trying to remember all the new keyboard shortcuts available in Windows 8? Finally a list of useful keyboard shortcuts for Windows 8 that supports keyword searching. This app gives you a quick & simple way to find all of the key Windows key combinations using the built-in Windows 8 Search feature. Get more productive in Windows 8 & look like a pro!

Current version focuses on useful keyboard shortcuts using the Windows key available on most windows based systems. Future versions will incorporate more useful keyboard shortcuts and Windows 8 based tips, plus integrated Live tiles.

Screenshot (34).jpg
Re: What's your favourite Store app and Windows 8

This is just the first version of the 'Next at Microsoft' app and there are plans to put in more features in future updates, including support for live tiles and video along with a way to search though articles.

The app allows users to access current and past articles on the blog. It also allows users to read stories while they are offline. The Share charm in Windows 8 can be used to share stories with others via Twitter, Facebook and other outlets.

Description[/h]Next at Microsoft is a home for stories about Microsoft. Think of it as a “director’s cut” of Microsoft – giving more of a behind the scenes look at the people, the work, and the company overall.

The Next at Microsoft blog application is designed to present the Next at Microsoft blog content using the robust features and functionality of Windows 8. Want to know what Microsoft is all about and where the company is headed? Well, now you can from your Windows 8 tablet or PC.

Read more

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    • Click links to view blog posts in Internet Explorer
    • Share blog posts via social media, including twitter, Facebook, etc. directly from within the application
    • Offline viewing of blog content

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Re: What's your favourite Store app and Windows 8

My favourites are definitely Skype, Fruit Ninja, Xbox Music, Endomondo Sports Tracker and a plethora of news apps.
With the launch of Windows 8 and the holiday shopping season now over, we know there are plenty of folks who are, for the first time, getting their hands on the new Start Screen that Windows 8 utilizes. Like many of us, the first thing we typically want to do is to fill all the open real estate with apps from the Windows Store.
With the store having more than 20,000 applications, finding the right apps can be a difficult chore. So, we here at Neowin have picked out 5 apps that we like to call the “Starter Pack” that you should download to make sure that your first impressions of with Windows Store is a good experience.
1. Wikipedia

Wikipedia is not a typical app most folks think about when heading into the Windows Store but the app is well composed and is a great way to find some content for pleasure reading.
With large, beautiful pictures, plenty of feature articles, this app will keep you busy for a long time and like all of the other apps on our list, it’s free. have an article showing the five must have apps for your new Surface or Windows 8 install. Check it out here:

Here are five free, must-have Windows Applications for your new Surface/Windows 8 machine
The list look very good though some suggestions found on related forum , I dunno the link it might be (appsforwindows8) Quite good information there.
Well if you have any suggestions for apps you like then please post. A little game I've been recently burning an hour or two over is 3D Boat Race:

boat race.jpg

So far I've played on over a 100 different maps with jumps, bumps and tight sections. Not bad for free and the graphics are pretty cool too especially if you like sunsets..
Weather, Calendar, Pinball, Backgammon, YouTube (Being able to download easily as MP3 music files is fantastic or videos), I've looked but, don't bother w/ many.