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Could you be a bit more specific? What have you just opened? Was it email, a word document, the explorer or Edge / IE /Chrome which app did you use?

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This may sound vague, but there is no certain "type" of document. Right now my task bar is at the bottom of my screen. As I left click and then move the cursor from the icon on the bar up to the desktop, whatever I'm trying to open will flash open and then just as quickly close. There's no time to make the changes needed.

I've checked every setting I know, but nothing seems to help. Batteries in my wireless Logitech are fresh, contact points cleaned, and all tests I've come across have been run and have come up as "working properly".

Any ideas?? I feel it's a setting somewhere that was changed by mistake. I just don't know where to look.


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Just a few questions to help track this down.

What happens if you left click but don't move the cursor?

What happens if you open the same programs from the "Start Menu" or "All Apps" list on the Start Menu?

If you create an icon on your desktop for a program, will it open from there?

If so, does it stop working if you drag it to the task bar?

Can you right click on the task bar and get the menu with the task bar options on it?

Does the Search function on the task bar work?

Is Cortana working?

None of this may help but the more info we have the more likely that someone will have an idea.



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Apart from Mikes questions, an icon on the taskbar is a program or app which can also be opened from Start at the lefthand site of the taskbar (or from Start > All Apps). Does that work?


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Another idea

Have you ever used a second and larger screen?
Your computer may think it is still there. If the second screen is set to duplicate then the image on smaller first screen is shifted left right up and down when you move your cursor towards the edges. And you are close to the edge on the taskbar. Hence the window you just opened may be shifted off the screen on the moment the cursor left the taskbar.

So please check you display settings, even if you did not use a second screen, whether you are using the correct pixel size for your screen
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