Where to download security patches (NOT full rollups) from web page?

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Installation' started by pstein, Mar 25, 2017.

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    Assume I want to download ALL security patches (NOT full rollups) for Win 7 (32bit or 64bit) NOT through the built in updates service but separately from a web page.

    Where can I do this?

    In other words: Which page offer the security patches (beginning with Nov 2016) as independent *.exe files?

    Keep in mind I don't want to fiddle┬┤out all the KBXXXXXXX numbers. So your web page suggestion (or forum) should automatically list them all.


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    Hi Peter,
    To my knowledge that list doesn't exist anywhere; or at least I've never seen it in that format. Even if it did, I'd be suspicious of the files listed as being virus-free or not. Your best bet is to go the Microsoft Update Catalog with is maintained by Microsoft for OSes Vista-W10 (including W7). Try here: Microsoft Update Catalog. It is getting harder and harder to get a W7 machine up to date these days, as MS is releasing fewer and fewer updates, and will eventually stop all support in 2019-2020 (2-3 years).:waah:

    The way I've been rebuilding or repairing W7 for years is to get a hold of the W7 SP1 disc, which you can purchase on the web from ebay or similar sites, and use that for building up a scratch W7 system. I got mine from attending a Microsoft tech seminar where they were giving the discs away for all attendees for free. For years after that, it became harder and harder to locate the SP1 rollup file and download it from a safe source. There are still some out there. I don't believe MS has that available for download in the Catalog (but I could be wrong).

    I haven't built a W7 machine from scratch in a year or two, but the last method I used is to install the SP1 onto a newly loaded W7 OS and then install all the drivers in a specific order as published by the PC manufacturer's website. From there, make sure Windows Update is completely enabled and turned on in W7; then click on the GET UPDATES button, and if you're lucky, you will get them all in 2-3 days. At least that's the way it used to work.

    Keep checking back on this thread, as you know to do already and remember to follow the thread so it comes to your E-mail on your phone, mobile device, or computer as others may have a better answer for you than I do.

    Best of luck and if you do find a site that provides that type of list, please post back here to share with the rest of us forum users.:cheerful:

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    Try 'Windows update downloader'
    Or 'Wsus Offline'

    Sorry won't let me post links.
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    As BBJ say's, you can't and i wouldn't trust any third party sites either.
    If you have a good look through the Update catalog you should be able to find smaller standalone versions if that's what your after.

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