Windows 7 Which drivers to use to re-install Win7-64 for SSD's in Raid0?


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I am getting ready to re-install Win7-64 to my two HDD's that are in RAID 0. I have done this one time before, but recall that the drivers can be confusing. There are some Intel RST drivers on the Asus website, version 11.something and on the Intel site there are version 12.something.
Which drivers should I use, if any, for my raid boot drives? Assume I add them using a USB stick during Win install, correct?
I would say either driver will work, but you need an "F6 floppy" version to make accessible during boot, and yes a flash drive can be used. Since you have given no information about which drivers your are referring to, or what type of system you have, it is hard to advise in more detail.