Which OS do you prefer and why?

Which OS do you prefer?

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I've tried Linux variants several times, and always ended up getting cross for some reason or another and wiping the HDD and putting on Windows.

I've tried Mac on PC (OSx86) and wasn't impressed.

My favourite version of Windows has to be XP Pro 32bit, no question in it. I'm slowly going off Windows 7, for a few reasons:

  • The strange file structure. I can never find what I want. e.g Visual Studio saves projects in "My Documents\Visual Studio 2008" in XP. In Windows 7 I always struggle to find it. The logical thing I would think was to click my username on the start menu. I would expect that to open my documents, but no. Instead I am presented with a library, with links to things like My Videos, Desktop etc... There are then 2 folders called My Documents for some reason, one of which I am denied access????!!!! Stupid or what!!
  • I prefer the classic theme, but on Windows 7 it's really slow and crappy.
  • No classic start menu. I can live without this, as I've got used to the new one, but I'd still prefer the old one.
  • If I moved to it, I'd have to teach my family how to use Windows 7. They're not idiots, but it would no doubt frustrate them.
  • It offers no real advantages over XP in my eyes. All applications I need work well with Windows XP, and quicker than they do on Windows 7.
But that's just my opinion :)

btw I think it was kind of predictable to find more people prefer Windows on a Windows 7 forums... I can't imagine there are that many mac fanboys on here!

voted Windows too, as was only working on this OS all my "informatic" life... As my predecessor, I will say the XP was much more stable as other versions, but we shall not forget Seven is only on beginning stage until now.... I like a lot the graphics, I think it will be more attaching people than XP even if it's not so easy to find the things inside it, but all folk working with Vista will quickly find their way how to use it.

I like in Seven the automatical way to find out all devices, drivers even if it's not yet perfect, but for the beginners it will help a lot for sure.


I'm a linux convert for sure. i love open source software and the community behind linux is great. I've only spent one day with W7 and the problems are why i'm here. I've been using Ubuntu 9.04 and i've got it working great, it's custom with graphics and windows, the synaptic pacakge manger for installing programs works great and i never have hardware issues. some finnegaling with command line lets me understand my computer more, enough to want to learn to program and contribute to the linux community.

after a little more use W7 is fine. having used XP for 7+years and Ubuntu for a year i found the desktop environment, control panel, and libraries/documents and basic navigation to be cumbersome and unattractive. using it casually however has eased some of my qualms, however i still only intend to boot into it for iPod support and Photoshop CS4


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While I prefer Windows and use it most of the time, I must admit Mac's are simple to use. I keep one next to the PC and still use it a few hours a week. However, I like Windows graphics (eye candy), thats something that the Mac just does not have nowdays. Making Windows just that more fun to use and be happy with. Gee, that must be why Windows Rules!!!

I have been using Windows since 3.1 So I have watched the OS progress through its more awkward and clumsy manifestations into the refined and hallowed XP Pro, then a few steps forward and a few back with Vista. I hope sincerely (but I have my doubts) that 7 will someday finally match the reliablilty and ease of use that XP had for the layperson. The fact that a large percentage of the world is using a 10 year old OS is a travesty IMO. There is a lot to be said for Windows 7. The fact that I installed the beta and NEVER booted back into Vista afterwards speaks volumes. I never had any significant issues, hangups, crashes. or bugs (save a few insignificant driver issues) with the beta or the RC. The fact that I have used the pre RTM release as my main OS this entire time without any problems says a lot about MS's latest offering. And since installing the RTM I feel like this OS and I were meant for each other lol.

So to answer the question. I would say my favorite OS is Windows 7. I still love XP for its nostalgic interface, universal appeal, and stability. But truth be told it is dated, has many problems of its own, and im just all around sick of it. As far as Linux, I like Ubuntu and a few of the other distros but i find they never seem to work right out of the box without a bit of tweaking and configuration, which i don't mind but I think is still too complicated for the average user who just wants to install the OS and be done. As far as Mac... don't get me started. I'm sick of Apple and mac fanboys touting their expensive hardware and OS as the end all and always better than a PC. Macs are good with multimedia tasks and I'll give em that but as far as an everyday use multi-tasking OS, I'd rather have a Windows system over a Mac any day.

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