Which wireless frequency Windows 7 considers the best? 2.4Ghz / 5Ghz?

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I'm starting to design a 5GHz Wireless Networks that will work together with an 2.4Ghz during the tests and transition phase. In order to keep the same configuration into the clients, we are choosing the same SSID, so we do not have to go one be one and change the machine configuration.

My question is, If there are two WLAN, one with 2.4Ghz and another with 5Ghz with the same SSID, how Windows will choose to which frequency to connect?! To the 2.4Ghz (the default frequency for most APs) or will it try to connect to the 5Ghz (Faster and Less Interference)?!:confused::confused:

I also checked and the computers does have Wireless card that works with 5Ghz frequency.


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I have been experimenting some with this trying to get the media streaming working better. I am using a Linksys E3000 dual band router.

In order to isolate the 2.4k or 5 K signal, I had to use separate SSIDs for each frequency. Then set the wireless adapters, also dual band, to use the SSID with the frequency I wanted them to use. If you only use one SSID, I assume the adapters will pick which band is best for them.

One thing I have noticed is the signal strength of the 5 K drops off faster than the 2.4 K, depending on the environment, of course. You may want to do some type of survey of signal strength for each band at your specific locations.

I also saw some comments about older wireless devices might influence your wireless speeds, but I really have no way to confirm.

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