Who is stealing your wi-fi


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I noticed my modem and router lights are busy all the time.
Somebody is using my wi-if without my authorization.
But is that possible since I do not have a password ? You need a password to get in.

Well I do not use password but my system is locked to all wi-fi

So how does my wi-if devices gets in.
I program the device MAC serial number into my router.
So the router will allow only those MAC address serial authorized.

But my modem and router are still busy. That’s not possible ?

Next step I looked at the router diagnostic log report.
Lo and behold my Samsung wi-if smart TV was online to many website.
So I disallow Samsung smart TV wi-if access.

Point, it can happen to any smart device.


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If you have no password on your wireless router then someone with a little tech know how could simply sniff and spoof your mac address. Mac filtering is useless as a security measure. If your router is serving dhcp you could also log into it and look at the dhcp lease table. On top of that if you allow remote management someone outside your network could compromise your router and use it for other purposes.