why are there 2 options for making a V-hdd.

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    Creating a virtual drive in vmware or hyper-v

    As a modern system hyper-v breaks a hdd into small pieces automatically but vmware still asks the user a question… do you want me too do this?

    Option 1 = a single file and option 2 is break the disc up into small pieces so what's the different and why would you want small file parts instead of a single file… simply for transporting.

    Screenshot (231).

    It's true a single file works better sometimes but breaking the hdd into little files makes it usb stick friendly… most of these sticks still use the old fat32 file format and that restricts them to files of approx. 2g each so a virtual machine with hdd made of these smaller parts will be able to be loaded onto a usb stick for easy transport in the owners pocket but if you make a single file for your hdd then you can't put it on a fat32 stick even if that stick appears to have enough spare space.

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