Why do my thumbnails for my video files show up as separate PNG files?

I didn't used to have this problem before. For some unknown reason, all my video files have a separate PNG file next to it with a picture of the thumbnail. I don't remember changing any viewing options that may have triggered this. Anybody know how to fix this?


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What software are you using to make these videos? Are you sure that they are PNG files? That seems quite odd. We will need more information to diagnose this problem.

These are just movie files that are saved on my hard drive. They're a variety of formats including avi, mp4, and mkv. Here is a screenshot so that you can get a better idea: . I went into properties of the image file and it has the extension .png. Deleting the .png files does work and they never show up again for the particular videos files that I have deleted them for. However, I was looking to find a permanent solution.

EDIT: forgot to include the link to the image, http://imgur.com/ZMr5L. Sorry about that

EDIT2: In this particular case, it is just avi files but this has been going on with both avi and mkv files on my computer. I don't have many mp4 files so I don't exactly remember this happening with that format.

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