Why does Credentials Manager demand a network address ....


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If I want to create a Windows Credential entry to allow automatic access to another machine on my local network (XP and W2K machines), it requires me to enter the target's IP address (as well as username/password). This is all well and good so long as I assign static addresses to those machines.
However, if I don't want to assign a static address, and I am willing to forgo a credential and simply answer the username/password box each time (with the target computername preceding the username, of course), then I can gain access without any knowledge of the machine's IP address.

My question, then, is this; If W7 is able to connect me to another machine with just the computername info (plus username/password), why will it not create a credential for me using just that info? i.e. it is obviously able (via lan protocols) to resolve the target IP address at any time, so ...

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Sorry guys, my fault. Finger trouble - I had an enduring clipboard item with a mistake in it, and I kept inserting it each time I was stuffing around with Credential Manager ! You can, in fact, put the computer name in the network address box.


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You should be able to use the netbios name (computer name) of the remote computer provided it's on the same LAN segment..

You can verify the remote device will resolve from a command prompt type nbtstat -a <computername>