Why wait until october for the GA?!

With bulid 7260 (RTM escrow) MS started the RTM builds, and it's only few day before the final RTM build is compiled (if not already, 7262?).

So why MS will wait 4 months (Third a year) for the General availability!, I mean they will miss Back-to-school season that way!

Side note: why MS still offer the RC in there website! I mean they are beyond RC test and feedback stage.

They "wait" because once the RTM goes live it is rigourously tested to ensure that it is in fact GA worthy.. If it is deemed "complete" (so to speak) than it goes Gold and the GA will rear its pretty face on Oct 22nd/09.. :) Not to mention it gives OEM's time to get their sh!t together in preparation for the GA.. ;)

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