Wifi connection drops on Netbook.

I have a G Wireless Modem Router model no FD7634-4 . No problem with connecting to net via cable. But, when connected via WiFi to my Netbook .. ASUS Eee PC 1015PEM .. I am having issues.

I don't know why but after a while, it will the WiFi signal will suddenly drop and the only way to get it back again is rebooting the modem. Even repairing the connection via Windows does not help.

Furthermore, when the signal drops on my netbook, I am unable to access the ADSL Router page ( on my PC for some reason. Again, only after a reboot of the modem, it's fine.

I'm using Windows 7 home premium on my PC and Windows 7 starter on my netbook.

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First check here for any driver updates for your particular wireless adapter. Or determine the actual chipset for you wireless adapter and let us know the Manufacturer Name, Model Name, Model Number and Revision Number and we will try to help find the most recent driver for you. Check your wireless router Manufacturer's website for a possible firmware update that may specifically address issues with Windows 7.
Uncheck IPv6 in the properties of your wireless network adapter.
When the problem occurs try opening a command prompt and type
ipconfig /release
and then
ipconfig /renew
Maybe as a temporary work-around try setting the IP values for IPv4 for your wireless adapter manually to static values just to see if the problem persists. If you need help doing this, please provide the results from ipconfig /all done on another computer or from yours when the problem is not present.
Open Task Manager and under the processes tab->show processes for all users see if you have a process running called mDNSresponder.exe if so post back and we can address that issue.
Have you tried the netbook in other environments other than your home, friends, relatives, neighbors, coffee shop or other hotspot?

Tq for your speedy reply. Much appreciated.

1. My ASUS netbook is 2 days old - will go hunting for a update of its wireless adaptor if available. There is another notebook (Dell) which also experiences the same problem as this current netbook.
2. my Windows 7 Home PC wireless adaptor is named: NVIDIA nFORCE 10/100 Mbps Ethernet. I've tried locating for any updates, to no avail.
3. I've uncheck IPv6 just now, will see how it goes. Not sure how to make a static IP value for IPv4 -- need your help there.
4. will give upconfig/release renew a try later.
5. I do NOT have mDNSresponder.exe running now although I am a heavy iTunes users.
6. Haven't tried my netbook in other wifi regions yet, but I'm definitely sure this problem is in my own home.

Thank you!!! :)


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1.The netbook maybe 2 days old to you but even if you somehow bought it factory direct, it is still likely older. You don't have to do much hunting I gave you the link, just click it, select the downloads tab then your operating system and see how what is there compares to what you have installed. I noticed there is also a BIOS update from this month on that link.
2. Nope, it isn't. A wireless adapter is not usually referred to as 10/100 Mbps Ethernet. That would be your wired adapter. And that information doesn't include the model/chipset number or Revision number.
3. Good on the IPv6. Let's leave the static IPv4 addressing until later we'll come back to it.
4. Good
5. Good as long as you're sure.
6. Bad, see if you can try the netbook and the notebook elsewhere. If either or both work then we might be able to narrow it down to your wireless router (did you check for a firmware update as I mentioned in first post) radio and we can then concentrate on that.

EDIT: Also double check the netbook power scheme as well as the wireless adapter properties in device manager and make sure that neither is turning off your wireless adpater to keep you "Green".

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Two settings that you may want to take a look at with the Netbook's power management scheme are "Wireless Adapter Settings" and to a lesser extent maybe "PCI Express" (Link State Power Management). Try adjusting them to something similar as in the attached image (click attached image).
Additionally the device properties in device manager may have a "Power Management" tab, which you can expose by right clicking the device and choosing properties. If present you may want to uncheck the "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" check box.

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