Wifi connection issues with vaio laptop after downgrade from Windows 10

Discussion in 'Windows 10 Help and Support' started by THEJERE8888, Aug 22, 2015.

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    So to get started i have a Vaio laptop NOW i know i read the article about microsoft telling you NOT to update vaio laptops but when i went away for a week to visit a couple of buds my brother ended up updating it. I had problems with Windows 10 so i decided to downgrade back to Windows 7 and now all of a sudden im getting all these errors and problems. Nortons detecting a 3035.6 error and it also disabled my
    Anti-virus which i cannot turn back on. Another problem which makes matters worse is im now having wifi connection issues. It will detect my network show a great signal but will not connect to the internet. I go to Google chrome and get an error saying DNS.Probe. No connection
    Without any internet i cannot access the web not can i run a live update from norton if anyone can help me fix this issue much would be obliged! :)
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    if Norton was running during your upgrade and downgrade then your issue might stem from that. Basically when upgrading security needs to be turned off.
    The other thing which might be your issue is Norton itself. Norton used to be a great application (circa 2002) but nowadays it's turned into a many headed monster with it's tentacles wrapped into almost every part of your system. My first recommendation would be to remove Norton using the Norton removal tool:
    Uninstall your Norton product using Norton Removal Tool
    Just use the onboard Defender for now.

    Perhaps a friend will help in downloading of the above tool? If you can use a friends machine to download on then try and grab a copy of the network driver for your machine as it could have become corrupted but in any case remove Norton.

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