Windows 8 WiFi connectivity to 'foreign' neworks connects but refuses internet connection.

Martijn Burger

New Member
Jul 25, 2012
On my Windows 8 laptop I connected to my home WiFi network quite easy. It still connects without any problems when I get home. However, logging on to a foreign WiFi network, like my WiFi mobile broadband box, the WiFi network in the Train, Starbucks and McD logs on to the WiFi network, but refuses connection to the internet. Error message: Connection Limited: No internet access. Anyone got an idea what's the problem here?

I suspect that if they are not defined as private (home / work) you will likely find that the windows firewall maybe preventing internet access. You may want to take a look and see how the firewall is handling applications such as internet browsers.
Open the network and sharing center and see if the network is in fact public / guest.
Then from there click the link to the Windows Firewall bottom left.
Then in the left column click the link "Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall
And compare what is being allowed with respect to private versus public