Windows 7 Will extend licence command work for W7


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Jan 20, 2009
Just curious to see if the elevated command slmgr -rearm will actually extend the expiry date by another 30 days after Aug 1. If it does then you can get 3 "goes" at this which will give you another 90 days so until late November.

Anybody been daring enough to change the BIOS date and have a go with this.

note PLEASE BACKUP YOUR OS BEFORE changing the BIOS date.


Hi there

1) BACKUP (Take an IMAGE DUMP -- DON'T USE SYSTEM BACKUP) of your current OS.
2)) Change the Bios date to something like 27 Jul 2009 -- Note change the BIOS not the date / time in Windows Do this via the SETUP Screen in the BIOS (usually press Delete immediately the computer boots).
3) Boot Windows 7
4) run command prompt AS ADMINISTRATOR or in the RUN COMMAND
type in the following slmgr -rearm

5) see if it extends license period

6) re-boot again this time changing BIOS to say AUG 15 (anything past AUG 1 but < 30 days from the previous date yoy entered --in my example 27 Jul.

7) See if windows works.

if it does you can do this command 3 times which will allow you to use W7 until nearly end of NOV :p:p

Now Important

Re-boot again -- set your BIOS back to current date



So, jimbo, why haven't you tried this yourself?

Not 'daring' enough with your own system?

Hi there
actually I'm just about to try it both on build 7000 and 7022 builds 32 bit.

During the week I often am on 3 assignments at once so I haven't always got time --and there's nothing wrong in asking if someone has already done this. One doesn't have time always to perform all possible tests --that's one of the advantages of the Internet --it's called COLLABORATION.

I'm quite happy to experiment when I have the time but this week was in Amsterdam, Berlin and Munich on 3 different days so not always able to sit at a bunch of computers in a "computer lab".

If you are on a professional assignment --Rule nr 1 : NEVER EVER use your work computer for messing around with / downloading stuff from the Internet. I need the machine as part of my work tools.

The steps I've outlined make it 100% save to do so PROVIDED YOU BACKUP STUFF FIRST which I usually do.

If you go back through my posts you'll see I've done loads of testing so I think remarks like you made above show

1) either you are a very young guy who doesn't understand working with other people one bit
2) you just post and never actually read the information other people supply
3) must be a nightnmare to work for -- when at work do you actually ever eat lunch together with a bunch of colleagues or are you always on your own.

Sorry to be nasty but comments like you made are totally out of order.


So, you're a busy guy. I can respect that.

I was just curious as to why you haven't tried it yourself, that's all.

1) I am probably older than you are.
2) I read more than I post.
3) I try never to be the boss of anyone. But yes, I would probably be a nightmare to work for.

seems to work for me. Had to reactivate windows and also lost the av I was trialing (stupid on my part). :)