Insider Preview Will Microsoft Bring Back WEI in Windows 10?

I can't help but believe that Microsoft took WEI (Windows Experience Index) out of Windows to appease to brick & mortar stores like 'BB' that couldn't fool their customers anymore when they tried to sell inferior quality PC's as though they were of better quality.

What do you think?

1.) Why did Microsoft take WEI out of Windows 8.1?

2.) Do you think it will make a return in Windows 10?

Personally the WEI was completely useless if you asked it takes the lowest score of your hardware (what ever system MS uses to rate hardware) and that's your over all score. Complete BS if you ask me. The WEI was only in Vista and 7.

Joe S

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I ran both Vista and Windows 7 on the same machine and had different results on the same hardware. Pretty useless as far as I'm concerned.


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The WEI was pretty widely panned as a poor indicator of system performance which is why it was removed.

I doubt they will but maybe MS will ship Win 10 with an improved version that actually is useful.

@bassfisher6522 Any system is only as good as its weakest link, so I assume that is why the rating system is designed to fall to the lowest value.

@Joe S Windows Vista and Windows 7 have different maximum point values, and different hardware quality standards (based on what was available on the market, and known of at the time of it's release) so that is why you get different ratings on the same machine. Also I wonder how you rated with both on the same machine unless you're dual booting or using a VM. In the latter case, that virtualizes hardware, so your ratings would be way off anyway.

@strollin I agree that WEI could be improved in Windows 10, but I would really hate to see this as yet another feature removed from Windows, decreasing the versatility, and overall initial value of the whole OS.


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It’s still there in windows 8 and you could dig through the code to display it in 8.1

Screenshot (246).png

The program was blatantly bias and companies still pay certain media outlets to give their third rate products a better review… Lenova, Nortian, and HP are examples of this; do a Google search to see what fantastic reviews they get then go to any forum and read the problems that those reviews gloss over.


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This seems to work providing you have no hardware issues, but it’s a long-winded process.

Open a Run window (Windows Logo key+R), type perfmon and press Enter. In the left pane, click Data Collector Sets > System > Right-click System Diagnostics > Start. When it has finished, go down to Reports in the left pane > System > System Diagnostics and click on the name of your computer and the data will be collected. Scroll down to and expand the Hardware Configuration drop down in the main pane > Expand Desktop Rating drop down > Expand the + sign below Query, finally expand the + sign below Returned Objects to display your WEI score.

@davehc Also there's this. But I don't want to have to use third party patches to fix OS subsystems that should have never been removed in the first place.


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No argument. But I, like most, have been installing third party software since Xp an earlier, if I considered the program a better alternative (Paint, and IE as examples) No problem for me. WEI is not, for me, on my priority list. IMHO, I would prefer to see an OS devoid of Microsoft add ons.

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Joe S

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Like Dave I use third party programs far more than the stuff MS just throws in. I find WEI about as useful as a rubber tape measure.


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I find WEI about as useful as a rubber tape measure.

@davehc Don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't install any programs; My PC has a plethora of both apps and desktop (Win32) programs; but I just don't like my programs tinkering around with my OSes structure and critical files.


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Understood, James.
Forums such as this have more than one function. Very much on the help and advice priority, but also merely chatting and exchanging info as here, can be very helpful and give users another point of view (We hope!)

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