Win 7 64 bit freeze when using flash based online videos

Hello everyone,

I got a new Acer Aspire 7745G just a week ago, with a pre-installed Win 7 64 Bit system.
I can go on and on about what I installed on it so far, but I doubt it'll do much difference since I think I narrowed down the problem.
Basically whenever I try to watch online videos that are based on flash (for some reason it didnt happen to me with flash based online games) the computer freezes, screen goes black and there is an irritating sound from the speakers (depending on the last sound that was playing on the movie).
For now the problem seems to appear only on Firefox and Chrome, as the Internet Explorer seems to have worked around it and do fine... But I prefer using Firefox and this issue is very annoying.
I tried to look everywhere and noticed other people having similar issues but found no cure.
At one of those freezes, instead of freezing I got a popup message saying the ATI driver has been restarted which led me to believe it's either the graphic card or the driver.
Heavier games such as Fallout 3 work without an issue for a few hours on the computer, so I can only assume my Radeon Mobility HD 5850 is fine. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers from Acer support site but the problem persists.
Obviously I also tried uninstalling the Flash player, and it didnt solve anything.

My computer has a function of switching the cards, from the HD 5850 to the Intel onboard one... Tried that, problem solved !
Only I dont feel like keep switching back and forth, plus for some reason the computer sometimes changes back to the HD 5850 automatically after a period of time.

Still a bit scared it's my gfx card that has an issue (heard about those HD 5850 coming with defects), and if it is I should figure it out and go back to the shop to get the thing replaced while I'm still within my 14 days period of warranty. Then again, games and practically every other aspect of the computer is working fine... So I doubt it's that.

My current guess would be the ATI drivers, seeing as it all works fine on the intel based ones- But I dont know where to find different ones...

Ideas anyone ?

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