Win 7 64 will not load, and cannot install again.

Hi all. I see there are a whole lot of BSOD posts, but I didn't see one like mine, so here goes...
I was Facebooking last night, and the monitor went black and the computer started a reset.

When resetting, as Windows starting screen begins, the computer freezes and I get the BSOD. The BSOD shows a different message each time it appears, but usually something about trying to address memory that's not present (or something similar, don't remember the exact phraseology), or Windows stopped to prevent hardware damage. I've even tried reinstalling Windows to a completely bare SSD, but after loading the files, I get the BSOD again.

I've tried removing all connected devices except 1 memory stick (which was swapped with the other 3), the DVD drive, motherboard and CPU w/fan. It still would not load. I also reset the BIOS to default values...nothing, reset BIOS to Optimum and the darn thing started-up! So I fooled around for a few minutes checking functionality...everything was working fine, and then restarted Windows. BSOD! And still getting it.

It can only be the motherboard or the CPU. I have an ASUS P8Z68-v Pro, and doubt that that is the cause since I can usually beat the hell out of an ASUS board and it still works flawlessly. However, I was getting some Vcore warnings lately, but only for 1.55v, and only sporatically. If I go into the BIOS now, all voltages are stable, all devices are listed, and no posting problems. That's why I suspect the CPU, an i7 2600k. And, no, I haven't overclocked it...just don't know what all the settings are for so don't mess with it. The only thing overclocked is the graphics card, EVGA 560Ti SC.

Here's the rest of my stuff to the best of my memory (I have some brain damage, sorry):
Samsung Blu-ray Lightscribe BD-DVD, Kingston 120GB SSD, Crucial 60GB SSD, Transcend 30GB SSD, WD 1TB HD, Samsung 2TB HD, Corsair 16GB DDR3 mem, 212 CPU Cooler, Corsair AX850 PS, ASUS 3D Blue-ray BE-DVD, Iomega Zip750M, Rosewill 74-in-1 Card Reader, NZXT fan controller. I think that's it. But when all were disconnected except the Samsung Blu-ray drive, 1 stick of 4GB memory, and the unused Transcend SSD, Windows would load files but not start-up with the Win 7 install disc in the drive, with it set as the boot device.

So, do you guys agree that it's the CPU? What are your thoughts?

Thanks for your help to come,

Montana Ron



Noob Whisperer
Hello Ron and welcome to the forum.
I'd like to agree
So, do you guys agree that it's the CPU?
But there are a couple things to consider before I acquiesce.
First you have a Kingston SSD and there have been some documented issues with these drives and associated controller as well as other drives using the same controller. You may want to consider reading this Sandforce SF-2281 SSD Controller BSOD Bug and Performance Issues
Additionally switch BIOS back and forth from Load Failsafe Defaults, to Optomized, to Performance, etc., can often result in the changing of the HDD Controller settings from or to AHCI, RAID, Native IDE, etc., and as a consequence may prevent the machine from booting, produce a BSOD and or prevent a clean custom install until the appropriate drivers are loaded. You may want to consider reading this Error message when you start a Windows 7 or Windows Vista-based computer after you change the SATA mode of the boot drive: "STOP 0x0000007B INACCESSABLE_BOOT_DEVICE"
It would be really nice to be able to see and examine the dump files, especially the intial post FaceBook event just to see what may or may not have produced that particular problem.
It might be the the Sandforce controller issue or an issue with the BIOS settings, or it may be a simple connection problem, so double check and confirm that all cabling (power and interface) is firm and complete, as well as any other components make sure that they are firmly and completely seated.

Randy, thanks for the quick reply.

I know about the Kingston problem, but that was eliminated by the updated firmware. As to the other things, Ive set up computers before, and know my way around a BIOS, except for some overclocking, so I've checked all the things I can and they are set correctly.

But, like I said, I can't even install Windows on a completely new drive. The files load, then when it tries to start, BSOD or reset. So, doesn't that mean that everything is loading correctly? It's just when it comes to the execution that it fails, so CPU, right?

Right now, after reading your answer, I am trying to install Windows on my new, bare, SSD. So hold on a second...I'm selecting to boot from the BD-DVD drive with the install disc in it...disk being accessed, loading files...starting Windows...froze! Going to hit reset and try again...ok,loading files again...starting...BSOD "DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL." Earlier today I got these other messages too...MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION...EXECUTE_TO_NON-EXECUTABLE_MEMORY. So the reason for failure is always different. And the codes on the bottom are mostly "0", for example, on the screen now is: *** STOP: 0x000000D1 (0x0000000000000004, 0x0000000000000002, 0x0000000000000001, and Oxfffffa8005841878) Do they mean anything that can be deciphered?

So, has to be the CPU, right?

Montana Ron :(


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That D1 (DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL) while normally associated with a driver issue, can also indicate memory problems.
How about giving this a try:
Download Memtest86+ from this location here. Burn the ISO to a CD and boot the computer from the CD.
Ideally let it run for at least 7 passes / 6-8 hours. If errors appear before that you can stop that particular test. Any time Memtest86+ reports errors, it can be either bad RAM or a bad Mobo slot. Perform the test RAM sticks individually as well as all possible combinations. When you find a good one then test it in all slots. Post back with the results.
See this Guide to using Memtest 86+
And additionally do you have the means and or opportunity to test a standard SATA or even IDE drive (set BIOS, controller = Native IDE) just to further the diagnostic process. If the errors remain consistent then I would be more inclined to suspect a top level hardware issue. Memory or memory slot or CPU or CPU socket.

OK, am running Memtest89+, and so far no errors, is reading entire memory (16G), and testing continues. Now with this test running, is it actually using the CPU, or just the motherboard?" I know, dumb question, but what can I say.

I am running the "standard" test...should I be running something different?

Thanks for your help,

Ron K.



I ran Memtest86+ all night long. Ran through 6 1/2 times, and 15 hours, and not 1 error, so that leaves the memory out, right?

So I'm calling Intel right now...been on hold for half hour send back the chip.

Thanks for your help. If you have any more ideas, please send them.

Ron K.


Noob Whisperer
Short answer.... Yes.
I would think that if you had memory issues (modules or slots), that you would have seen some errors during that test.
Let us know what Intel has to say about your issue.
Were you able to test an install using a conventional hard disk?

Oh Oh, here comes Trouble! ;)

Thanks for replying.

Spoke with Intel, and after jumping through a few hurdles (They had questions about how I knew it was the CPU and not the motherboard or memory.), they agreed it was the processor. Now they've sent the e-mail stating what I have to do, and asking I reply with my agreement to the terms. Now I'm waiting for them to call and get credit card info...they have to charge for the new CPU until they get the other back, so it'll only be on there for 4 days or so, no biggie. They didn't ask for proof of purchase, but they know it can't be more than a year old anyway, or anything else except the invisible writing on the CPU itself. So all is going well, so far.
By the way, Intel only charges $270 for a brand new i7-2600k, not too shabby, especially since I got mine on eBay for $266, plus shipping. These things are still selling for over $300 in the stores. I advise to buy from Intel directly!

So, I will wait for the new CPU to arrive, insert it, and then start shaking and sweating just before I push the on button...and pray it starts-up. Otherwise, it's the motherboard, and ASUS is not as easy to deal with, as I recently discovered in November when I had a problem with another P8Z68-v Pro board. So, guys and gals, keep your fingers crossed and think good thoughts!

I will let you know how it goes. Until then, keep posting suggestions that I could try if the new CPU doesn't fix it. Or any other advice about setting up my computer. I appreciate the help already given. If anyone has a question about a P8Z68-v Pro, ask me...I might be able to answer as I've become very familiar with the settings over the past 4 months!


Montana Ron


OOPS...forgot to tell you that I was not able to run my discs in any other computer. I have a laptop, and an old puter that ran XP, so no way for me to hook up the drives since they are SATA II & III.

But the drive I was able to attach to my laptop through the USB port, when I installed Win 7 (Had to use 32 bit because laptop uses Vista 32 bit), the desktop would not get past the Windows Starting screen, when the 4 dots start to swirl around.

So definitely not a drive problem.

It still could be the motherboard, but with my experience with using ASUS motherboards, I doubt it. I don't think it would get past the posting stage, and I don't think I would have been able to run Memtest86+ if it was bad either. Wouldn't it shut down immediately and not keep resetting or freezing?

Thanks for your suggestions again,


OK, all, here's what happened.

Called Intel, and had to tell them the steps I took to show it was the CPU. They agreed rather quickly. Asked for the codes on the chip, and then issued an "Incident" number, and sent an e-mail to verify the info. (I had a choice between two plans; 1. return the CPU, wait for Intel to get it, and then they would ship a replacement, total time 2 weeks; or 2. Have them bill me $25 for next day air, plus put the amount of the CPU on my card until they receive the bad one back from me.)
That was Monday afternoon.
Tuesday afternoon, UPS is here with the CPU! Put it in, said a prayer, turned it on, and it started up no problem...just had to re-do the BIOS since it detected a new CPU.

Sent the bad boy back to them today, and should have my refund some time next week.

So thanks for all your suggestions. I have some more diagnostic programs now.

Now I'm using Intel's stock cooler, because it takes a bit to put on my Cooler Master 212. But, I just bought a new water cooler, and will wait for that to come before I return the BIOS to my saved profile. But everything is working well. Just don't like the temp. when doing intensive CPU stuff. Goes over 100, but mostly stays around low 90's. My 212 kept it at low 70's. So not going to push it, even though I never pushed it that hard to begin with.

I'll keep you posted.

Thanks again,

Montana Ron

:onthego: When I hear sweet Polly I am not's hip...hip..hip...and away I go!

Oh, one more thing.

If any of you reading this could let me know where there's a good overclocking guide for an ASUS P8Z68-v Pro, or an EVGA 560Ti SC, please let me know.


Montana Ron

PS...been snowing here since yesterday. already have a foot on the ground and supposed to continue until Saturday!!! :cool:

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