Windows 7 Win 7 will not load.


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I have a Dell Latitude E6410 that needed the hard drive replaced.
During the Win 7 installation process , it hangs when the Win Logo is displayed for the first time , after a few seconds the entire screen turns white.
I first tried different drives and Software medias.
On a whim i stuck in a Win XP cd and it loads fine.
I then tried Win 7 , 10 and Linux Mint boot media and all failed.
Only XP will load on the Laptop.
It came licensed with Win 7pro from Dell
Any suggestions ?
I would reset the BIOS to default and try again. If XP loads you probably have BIOS tweaked.
Still No Luck.
For the sake of trying something different , i put my drive into another laptop , re-imaged with Win 7 Pro , it imaged fine.
Removed the drive and placed back into my E6410 , hangs at the same place.
During a safe mode , step by step load , looks like it is hanging at "Class.NP.sys" or the next driver.
You may want to try booting to an install or recovery disc. You can make one from a friends computer. In the recovery console you'll need to identify which partition is the OS and run chkdks and sfc /scannow on them.