Win 7 x64 freezes watching Youtube or Vimeo

Hey guys

It's been happening the last 3 weeks. 2 times out of 3 that I watch a video on Youtube or Vimeo (and not necesarely watching the video, I could have paused it at the beginning to wait it to load), the internet connection bars go from full to none. Then, after 10-20 seconds, the computer totally freezes, and there it stays. Whatever I'm doing, freezes too. For instance, if I'm on itunes, the music freezes too. Everything. Then I have to manually restart the computer. That's it. It doesn't happen with anything else.

I've run full AVG scans on all hard drives, deleted everything and still the same problem.


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If you have a restore point from before you started having the problems try going back to that.

Update you video drivers.

Run CCleaner.

Try using a different browser like Google Chrome and see if it still happens.


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Thanks, Mike. I don't have a restore point.

I'm running CCleaner. I think there is some light.

I'll let you know man

thanks a lot

So, I tried CCleaner and it made no difference. Why CCleaner anyway? I mean, this seems to be a very specific problem.

So. One other thing I forgot to say was that the same problem happens when I try to download the video driver, or when I try to download any of the videos. Same thing on Firefox and Chrome.

Any insight on this? Its very weird stuff

Is this a laptop with a wireless connections?

Nope, its a desktop PC. However, I'm connected trough a USB Modem.

btw, all windows updates are up to date.

And if it helps in something. 1 out of 5 times I will get a blue screen instead of a freeze.

And I'm putting online tomorrow my first animated short. How ironic I won't be able to see it, ha!

This USB modem is a wireless dongle...correct? What is the make and model of this USB dongle?


#10's a 3G/4G mobile connection. will experience those types of drops, lags and slowness with that type of connection. I have one myself just so I can connect my laptop to the net while I'm at work (a golf course in the middle of nowhere). Those types of dongles are really not for media viewing and I experience the same while using mine at work to. So I don't watch/stream media with that modem. The device works just like cell phones, based on location to the towers and how many of them are around. The closer you are the better the reception.

Thanks, man. I still don't understand what does it have to do with Windows freezing and the blue screens? besides, I've been suing the same modem for the past 8 months and the problem just came a few weeks ago.

The freezing and BSOD are generally hardware related...specifically the drivers and sometimes software. If you have any dmp files, some of the BSOD guys can help figure that out for you. Just post in the BSOD area with a zip of the dmp file. There are instructions on how to do this in that forum topic.

The only other possibilities would be some sort of browser corruption...bad extension or addon or some sort of virus, malware and/or spyware on the system.


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"Why run CCleaner?"

I just always run CCleaner to get rid of junk when there's a problem and the registry scan can sometimes help.
I really expected it to be either your video drivers or Windows Explorer.

The next thing I would have suggested is to run Malwarebytes, Malware can often cause problems like this, but it sounds like Bassfisher6522 is probably on the right track.

Don't you have pretty limited bandwidth usage?
Uploading and downloading video could go through that pretty fast.

Where is your video?

I've been messing with video animation for about a year and I'm having a lot of fun doing it. I'd like to see yours!

Here's a link to one of mine...

New Wide Screen Lucy Movies :: Lucy About Sailboat video by nohjekim - Photobucket

I've got a new one in the works right now.


Thanks, Mike. Makes a lot of sense. What I don't understand is that my connection isn't that slow time to time. And why would the entire machine freeze because of watching a video? Its so ironic that I can't watch the video online. I uplaoded it today. Everyone has told me it looks superb, so I guess it looks like the file I got on mine. I'll have to get on some other computer soon to check it out.

And my short film, here it is. Enjoy it, its cool stuff

The Chase - 3D Animated Action Short Film on Vimeo


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The video is great!!!

I can't imagine how long it took to do this.
I know how much work goes into doing the simple little 2 or 3 minute films that I do.

Sorry: I forgot when I posted the link that you can't view it because that was your problem to start with! LOL



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Hi again!

You could check this out, don't know if it will help or not, I found it on another forum...
This seems to be a pretty common problem with no clear answer.

Any time I tried to play a YouTube video my whole laptop crashed. Other sites with Flash content were not affected. I was using Flash Player and Firefox.

The solution was really simple. Go to a website with Flash (like and right click on the flash content and uncheck "enable hardware acceleration". Now it is working just fine.

Or.... A lot of people said that this fixed their problem.

This is going to sound weird as a fix for youtube but....delete your IDT sound drivers and restart windows...let windows install them....

There is something weird about the windows sound drivers getting corrupted...


Wow. Seems like that did it!!! sadly, at this time of the day my internet connection drops to 5% its capacity. But even with that, the loading bar got past 1/3, and before it would never get there.

I think we got a winner!!

Oh, for a second it looked like it worked, but we are where we started all over again.


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I've seen some suggestions that reverting to an earlier version of Flash Player solved problems like this. Since you said this has only been happening for a few weeks, maybe it is because of an update.

Here's info on how to do it...

Archived Flash Player versions

And a post about it.

Computer freezes when trying to view youtube etc videos | Community Site


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