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hi all, I happen to be physically and visually challenged, and interfacing with my computer is difficult, but I got to a point where I manage. This specific thread will be related to the visually challenge side.

It may sound overly dramatic, but in order for my eyes not to explode in sharp pain I need a very dark background, with a grayish font color. Which I managed to implement in most of my daily interactions with the computer. But then I needed to uninstall something and please take a look at the picture

The notepad window shows an example of visually friendly theme, and the control panel background an exact opposite.

My question is: is there any way to avoid such accidents, where Windows doesn't follow its own color theme?





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Right click the top part of the cmd task box and you can adjust the font type/colour from there...
Screenshot (98).png

Screenshot (99).png

hi, thanks for your reply!

Unfortunately I don't think it's related to my specific issue. Your suggestion handles commandline color theme, and my issue is with default Windows forms that belong to Windows OS. My color theme in Windows 8.1 is already set as I like it, friendly for my eyes. But every once in a while I get the sneak attack with bright white Windows forms. I understand if/when a form from a third-party is white and I cannot change it, but I don't understand why forms that belong to Windows OS don't follow the color scheme I set.

It is possible that there is no actual solution to my problem… Unfortunately for me although 99% of the time the Windows forms have the correct color theme, the random 1% that is bright white is for my eyes what a bullhorn is in a library: something that overloads the senses generating a lot of pain…


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Ok yes, I looked at the image and assumed the command line text was the issue... I'm sorry mate but its not very clear what part of the image you are trying to adjust.

Are you talking about the area in black or in red... something else?

hi, thank you very much for your reply!

My goal is to turn the big bright white background as shown in the screenshot I attached into a black shade, similar to the Notepad half image that is behind the big bright white image.

My dilemma is due the fact that I changed my color theme, and it works perfectly for Notepad, as shown in the screenshot, but although notepad background follows the color theme I set, Windows Explorer for example does not, and it still shows with a bright white background. Also Control Panel does not follow the dark theme I expect, instead showing with a bright white background

So this is my question: how can I make Windows Explorer, Control Panel, etc. to follow the dark color theme that Notepad already follows? Instead Windows Explorer and Control Panel follow the dark theme only for the font color ( which is grey in my case), but for the background they still display bright white background instead of blackish…

My goal is that Windows is consistent when using a color theme, currently some windows follow the color theme I set, and some don't. When they don't, the unexpected bright white background is very painful to my eyes… And I would prefer to avoid this sharp pain, that can be accomplished with Windows being consistent when using the set color theme



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So the white is too bright?
Screenshot (168).png

Windows adjusts the colours and that is the task-bar (in red) or the text... the purple box is not a colour per say but you can adjust its gamma/ tone to something less "in your face".

Screenshot (177).png

Screenshot (170).png

I recommend putting the gamma down by about a 1/3 ... the exact results you get at your end depend on your screen type, G-card and drivers and in all likly hood will need resetting any time you update your graptics but you cann't bugger it up too much and it's easy to reset.

Screenshot (172).png

Use the test buttons at the end to see the before and after effects side by side... note that this is a system wide adjustment and EVERYTHING will take on a dim-ness so take small chunks.

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thank you very much for your reply! I appreciate your help and I learned new tricks from you! :)
all is better now!
thank you!

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