Windows 8 Win+Q screen vs Taskbar folder


Which is preferred? Going to All APPs (screen) for things

Screenshot (35).JPG


having this folder on the Taskbar?


Just curious.

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I would prefer the Taskbar option. I however use a couple of other things simply because I also use the same options in Win 7. I am a firm believer in customizing my Windows OS. Whether it was XP, Win 7 or Win 8 RP. I have customized them all. Yes, my Win 8 RP looks a lot like my Win 7 Ultimate. Many people say, why bother with Win 8 then? Well, you know, there is so much more to this new OS than the way it looks. My Win 8 RP is faster than my Win 7 (same hardware, dual booted) When I go to Win 7 I feel as though I am constantly waiting for something to happen. It just is slower. The memory management and security of Win 8 RP has been increased substantially. We have documented these changes in various threads so I will not repeat them here.