Win7 32 bit Sager Notebook can't connect to Projector

Problem-1: can't connect my notebook computer to a projector using the 15 pin VGA cable after upgrading from Vista (32 bit) to Win7(32 bit).
Problem-2: can't insert an SD card into SD slot and have it open (nothing happens at all, like the device is not even connected).

When looking at the Device Manager, under "Other Devices", there are two "Base System Devices" with the icon like this:
(yellow triangle with exclamation point)
The hardware IDs for these devices are:
First Device: Base System Device
Hardware ID:

Compatible ID:

Second Device: Base System Device
Hardware ID:

Compatible ID:

I've tried two different software programs to search for drivers and install them. The two programs are: Driver Detective, and PC Pitstop Driver Alert.
PC Pitstop says that all drivers are installed and working just fine. Driver Detective detects these two devices (above) and that they don't have drivers, but can't offer any help.

Here is a description of the computer I have:
Brand: Sager (Welcome sagernotebook.comdefault.php -
Model: NP2092
Board: JFL92 IFT00
BIOS: COMPAL 1.16 12/31/2007
OS: Win 7 Professional 32 bit
OS version: 6.1.7600 Build 7600
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T9300

I could add more information, but I'm not sure what would help. Please ask, and I will provide as much info as I can.
Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!!!

I found an answer to the first problem (connecting my computer to a projector using the 15 pin VGA cable)
I took the hardware ID number (just the first line), copied and pasted it to google and looked at what popped up (yes, a total shot in the dark).
One of hits on google was describing an Nvidia graphics card. I thought, "hmm, that might be the same graphics card I have." Sure enough, it was a GeForce 8600M GT.
So then I went to the Nvidia website, clicked on their downloads section, selected the GeForce 8m series downloads for Windows 7, downloaded and installed it, and now everything's working great - projector connects no problem and Windows Aero automatically kicked in once I installed the driver too.

Now I'm trying the same approach to the other "Base System Device."
I've identified it as a "Ricoh SD/MMC Host Controller" and found a driver to download. Only problem now is that it's a .cab file and I don't know how to install it. It contains three files, two with .inf extensions and one with .sys extension. I have no idea how to install these or even if they're what I need....

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