Win7 64-bit installation hangs

[SOLVED] Win7 64-bit installation hangs

I have a problem. Whenever I try to install Windows 7 Pro it always freezes at some points - these seem random but usually at Expanding Windows files. I tried installing from a dvd at first but went on to a usb stick so it is not a disc problem. I read several threads about pulling out RAM sticks and did this. I now run with 2gbs of memory. I reset the bios and tried again - to no avail. Also tried safe mode in which case the installation actually finished, however the installation seemed to be corrupt as the os froze after login. Specs:

- nforce 650i
- xfx nvidia 8800 gts 640
- intel quad q6600
- corsair 1gb x2
- two WD hdds

Additional information: the installation seems to run very slowly until the actual installation starts, in which case the Copying Windows files takes less than 3 seconds to finish and then hangs after the next process has started. Any ideas?

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Only thing that occurs to me is make sure your BIOS is setup for best compatiblity rather than tweaked for performance during the installation on the offchance some performance settings are cause.

Finally made it work - all it took was a simple bios update!

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