Windows 7 Win7 64bit - Shared drive - not all folders/files show up on tablet


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I want to be able to access the files on my external drive from my Android tablet. I have shared the external drive, and it does show up on my tablet, but when I open it on the tablet only one folder appears (and there are many folders and files on it), and when I open that one folder, only one sub-folder appears (and again there are many folders and files within that one). It's not the tablet, because it does access and display/play the things that do show up. I have shared the entire root drive and also shared the one sub-folder that shows up. I have tried with and without inheriting permissions from parent, I have checked permissions for 'everyone', I have restarted the computer, I have turned off the firewall, but nothing works. I can't understand why only one folder shows up on the tablet. The wireless router shows that the tablet is connected to the network. The PC is wired to the router and the tablet sees the PC as a server. The connection must be OK because the PC and the external drive and ONE folder (and a sub-folder) DO show up on the tablet. It has to be something with the sharing or permissions but I can't find the problem.