Win7 getting "LOCKED"


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Hi all
I've installed Windows7 and it seemd OK but I'm faceing a problem. after leaving the computer for awhile,
when I try to use it again, I'm getting a screen with my user account on it (the only account, there are no other users)and below that the word "LOCKED" and it is really locked. the only way is to restart the computer. let me point that I have not installed a password when installing Win7. is there any cure for the problem?

Control Panel => Personalization => Screen-Saver => Uncheck account block.


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THNAKS Cybercore
as per your reply - I found no option regarding screen saver password or account blocking possibility. the only options are to choose a screen saver - mine is set to "none" and even if I choose one - I dont see any way to uncheck it. there is only one thing that I can do - to determine the time until the screen saver kicks in.
waiting for your reply.

On resume, display logon screen - uncheck it :



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Thanks, did so. I'll update the result.
I hope that after that will be fixed, you will be able to help me to solve the problem with the Hebrew.
Thanks again.

Yes, please be sure to update.

Low the Wait interval to 1 minute, apply, leave your pc for 1 minute and see.


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Also you may want to check your power plan settings and see if this is set, or not.


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I've checked and it was indeed set so that it required a password to wake. I've changed the setting and will inform.


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Hi people
I'm glad to tell that the problem seems to be solved after I changed the definition as per "Trouble"" suggested.
I hope that you would like to offer some help so that I will be able to write in Hebrew.

We are not as fluent in Hebrew, but your English is very good.

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