Win7 Recursive boot loop


I was using my laptop like normal the other night when i tripped over the cord and pulled the power out (i have no battery since i cant afford a new one and it stopped working out of warranty). THis isnt the first time it had been shut off unexpectantly, so i wasnt too worried. But when i tried to reboot it, it would wait for a minute or two then just restart. At first, it didnt give me a bluescreen, but after my first safe mode boot, i think it started giving me bluescreens.

When i tried booting up in safe mode, it would load up until /DRIVERS/AtiPcie.sys then freeze and restart. I have Wubi installed aswell, and when i try to run that it tells me that windows had crashed and that i should boot that first.

I was unable to find my toshiba recovery CD's, so i burnt one using the win7 32bit iso off of all that happens is that it says 'windows is loading files' and then it goes to a black screen with a mouse on it.

I used the wubi install to boot off a different partition (the partition with toshiba's default recovery cd) and the same thing happened.

I ned the laptop fixed ASAP because i have exams soon and my notes are on my computer, and i really dont want to send it in to get repaired as that will take too long.

Im running a Toshiba Satellite L500D with 4GB ram, 2.2GHz processor, an ATI graphics card (i forget which) and windows 7 32bit home.

Please Help.


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