Win7 RTM and Win7 v264 on a partition?

I have a partition on my hard drive: C & D.

My "C" Drive has good old Windows XP and "D" drive has Windows 7 release 264 pre-RTM (activated). I have not used XP for six months. I got the Win7 RC and kept upgrading all the way to release 264... compliments of ... WZor

Question: I want to format my C: [XP] drive and install Windows7 RTM. Will the boot manager know the difference between v264 and RTM?

Once windows 7 RTM is.. ahem... activated, I will move all my settings and programs over from my D drive. Then I will format drive "D" and add it to C, or keep a smaller partition "D" for back ups. I use EASEUS Partition Master

Does anyone see a problem with my thinking here?

Thanks, Mrwirez

PS Great site!

AFAIK the RTM can't be activated (yet) but it can be 're-armed' 3 times allowing for a total of 120 days use. The original 30 days plus an additional 3x30 day periods. If need be then you could reformat after the 120 days and start over again! There isn't a boot manager that works with 7600 so it will be ineffective.

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