Win7 stuck on "Starting Windows" Screen during boot up?

I have an HP Pavilion g6 Series with Win 7 Home Premium. Every time I boot the machine up it gets stuck on the "Starting Windows" screen. I tried running Hirens boot to fix the MBR thinking it may be the issue. No such luck. I am really trying to avoid re-installing windows because I have a large amount of data (500gb+) That I would have to transfer. There is no known good restore point so that is ruled out. I tried booting it up in Safemode also and it gets stuck right at the end. Any ideas as to what it may be would be awesome. Thanks!

Joe S

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Did you try the Start Up repair option? Sometimes you need to run it 3 times. Do a search I don't remember enough about the steps to help.

I have ran the start up repair. Not 3 times but I'll give that a shot.

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