Win7 Windows Media Center (Not Responding)

JUST received my NEW laptop (Dell-studio) with Windows 7, and CANNOT open Windows Media Center, also getting explorer.exe error when trying to shut down computer. sounds, CDs aren't working (obviously, as I can't get wmp to respond to anything. I have to constantly hit cntrl+alt+delete to force it to close.

Also just tried to open my themes and now "Windows Explorer error - Not Responding".... ARRGGGG!!!!

PLEASE PLEASE can anyone help???!!!???


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Was this a 'clean' insatall oe an upgrade>Alwat perform a 'clean' iinstall, the same problems com with you when yiou upgrade.


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Try to get Dell to help you, and if not, send it back and make them replace it. I waited 31 days before I figured out one of my speakers wasn't working and they treated it like a refurbushed computer.


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Have you uninstalled all the crap-ware that came pre-installed? This should eliminate your problem.
Use this freeware program to help Welcome | The PC Decrapifier


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Yes, go to Start > Run, click the Startup tab and uncheck everything except for your anti-viris software.

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