Win7 x64 high ram usage

I was using vista x86 up untill windows 7 came out, it was then I decided to go for my first x64 operating system, win7 x64 I have an i7, 3gb ram, 2 x 4870 etc. so I thought it would be fine.

Ever since I've moved over, games take up a stupid amount of memory, they'll go to 80 - 90%. I recently decided to install Crysis Warhead as I never got round to completing it, last time I played it I was on vista x86 and it ran fine.

However now, it takes forever to load and/or freezes because there's no memory left. I've tried setting the page file at 200 - 1024, 1024 - 1024 and turning it off, none of that makes a difference. I tried increasing it to 4096-4096 just out of curiosity, that managed to load the game, however, while I did have a constant 50-60fps I was lagging really badly and had 91% ram usage. The same happens with other less demanding games, however it stays low 80's so leaves just enough room to avoid impacting performance.

I've run prime95, the ram modules themselves are in perfect working order. Everything was ok untill I switched. Am I missing something here?

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I do play Crysis Warhead, but on an intel system with 4 gigs. I could only suggest you check for new drivers for you ATI cards.

I have the latest ATi drivers. I've had the exact same issue over all games on 3 or 4 different driver sets, so I reckon it's pretty safe to assume it's not that. Thanks though.

Looking at process manager, I didn't realise it untill now, I'm missing 1GB when running Crysis. All my usual processes use about 1GB, Crysis uses 1GB. So where's my last GB gone?

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