Windows 8 Win8 internet speed


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I was wondering if anyone is experiencing the same problems as I do..I recently moved from Win7 to Win8 (recently would be yesterday :D ). I had no problems with internet speed on Win7 (download speed was constant around 650-700kbps) but when I moved to Win8, the download speed is max 150 kbps. I turned on the non-metered option so no programs are updating itself and burning the line speed.
Oh another thing, this only happens when I am connected via wireless, if I use cable, the speed gets up to ~650kpbs which is normal.
Could it be because of the drivers? Altho I installed the latest win8 drivers from the manufacturers site..friend told me that I should install win7 drivers with win7 compatibility mode..any other advices?
Windows 8 needs windows 8 drivers unless the only update available is a win 7 driver. Then perhaps compatibility might be needed but it's not always as most win 7 drivers run fine.
Check that your router hasn't any firmware updates pending. I also wonder at your turning on the non metered option so no programs will update. Surely you need your updates regardless and I'm also not sure that turning on the meter thing has that actual effect. I'll do some investigation.
Got the latest firmware installed so thats not causing the problems. Well I also have the latest wifi drivers installed so thats not the problem either. Kinda worked normally today, was loading a 3gb file this morning, was like 650kbs constantly and few minutes dropped to 150kbs for a few secs and then back again. Im having the non-metered thing on all the time. Not sure whats going on, I havent changed anything and it just suddenly works normaly (most of the time). Ive been checking network tab in the task manager process' list to see if any program burning the line but didnt see anything weird there...
Sounds like it may be either channel congestion or perhaps other extraneous interference.
Try changing the channel on your router, experiment try 3 then swap to 11, trial and error.
You may also want to experiment a bit with your encryption (security settings) start by running it open (none) for a bit to test, then WEP, then WPA or WPA 2, you may also want to try changing back and forth between AES and TKIP and see if that makes a difference.
I think it is up to your Internet provider.. Wins 7 or 8 constantly updates their drivers, and i think there will be no need for them to cause any problems about internet speed...
Hello. When I check my speed test download speed are 20 MB/s but when I downloading something it is downloading 2 MB/s.
Can my Operating System have a problem?
No the speed test is 20Mbps bits per second. Download is showing MB/s Megabytes a second which is around 20Mbps :) Hope that helps