Windiows Live Mail 2011 Quick View "All Inbox" and "All Sent" no messages

Having trouble with Windiows Live Mail 2011 Quick View "All Inbox" and "All Sent" not displaying any messages. I have 4 email accounts and I used to be able to see each account email in the one All Inbox as well as the account Inbox, now I can not see any emails in All Inbox or All Sent, but there are emails in each of my account Inboxes.

I have tried turning off and on Quick Views, compacting messages, and the five time restart of Windows Live Mail, urgently need help with this please.


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I am not sure if I have correctly understood your post, but have you tried "New View" - "Show all messages"? Or, "View" - Customise View" - "For all messages - "Show messages"?

sorry i couldn't figure out how to post new message which im sure is very simple..
My contacts disappeared yesterday i did a restore point and they came back they are gone again and says i don't have a restore point.
I have no idea what i might have done. Puter is over a year old. the box comes up to sign in but i have never done that i just x out.
and tell me how to do this right. lol thank you.

yes I have tried new view

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