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Good afternoon, I have a real delimna. I am running windows 7 on a new cpu. I also have loaded microsofts flight simulator x gold edition 2008, I also have a Samsung mega phone and have added a Radeon x1300 256mb vid card and I have moviemaker on the cpu also for my canon xl1s camera which uses a firewire to load vids.
Now my question are, when I connected the mega phone I could load pics onto the cpu, but when I added the radeon vid card the cpu will not recognize the phone. In addition, I want to know it the radeon will be compatible with the firewire.
Can you please advise as to why I cant download pics from my mega to the cpu with the radeon card in and will I be able to download pics from my canon camera via firewire.
Thank you for any and all help
Steve Dale
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Hi Steve:

It would help to know the Make/Model of your new CPU. But, it appears you have a really old Graphics gaming card! :eek: That card is at least 7 yrs. old and the drivers were designed for DirectX v9.0 under Windows XP and XP Media Center Edition (MCE). :eek: ATI drivers for that card are not officially supported under Windows7 (though they may work with Vista on a "Vista Ready" CPU). Today, new CPU's are running DirectX 11.0 or better and run video cards 1GB-4GB or even higher. 4 to 16 times the Video Memory with new DirectX features and support. :D

There is a good chance that the Internal Video Card that came with your new CPU is already compatible with Win7 and probably has at least twice the Video Memory of that old Radeon card. Have you tried taking the Radeon vid card out of the CPU and re-enabling the Internal Video (Onboard Video)? This should solve the problem with the Samsung phone not syncing up to transfer videos, pictures, etc. between the phone and the Window7. :up:

If the Onboard video card in your CPU doesn't work for your FS or other Games, consider purchasing a more modern Video Card--you should be able to get them on eBay from 2009 or newer for under $100 I think. Make sure you get a Video Card that was manufactured after 2009, so that it surely would be compatible with Windows7. You can also go to and search the HCL (Hardware Compatability List) to ensure that the NEW video card you are looking to buy has the WHQL seal of approval (sort of like the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval for computer hardware with certification from Microsoft). That search is completely free, and 5 min. of checking that your NEW video card has drivers that are HCL approved, will save you a lot of anguish down the road!

Post your CPU info back and if you need help researching the specs, let me know and I can assist.


Hi Guys
I have installed my FSX deluxe as well as the acceleration package in my computer which i am running windows 7 ultimate. the installation was very success, but the problem is the FSX gets freezed after 15 - 20 minutes.

Can anyone advise if there are something wrong with my setting ??

Thanks is advance


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This post is 3 years old and we never heard back from the OP so he either solved it or went with different hardware or went elsewhere to get his answer. He also never provided complete hardware specs on his PC. It's customary when asking for help such as troubleshooting a video problem to do so. I'm not a Gamer so therefore am not familiar with the FSX; it that a GPU card? Please post Make/Model for us. Shorthand is not acceptable for this!:confused:

If you don't have the specs available for your PC, as it's a self-built rig or a custom-rig that you built or you bought from a shop that built it for you to your specs, consider downloading the free SPECCY program from and post the resulting output text file back here to this thread so we can analyze it. As it's not possible for us to see your hardware, and we are not telepathic, you really need to consider providing us with adequate information.

Post your system specs back here so can we advise you further.

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