Window 7 x84 Issue

I get windows 7 x84 for free from my school, or a cheap hard copy. For now I simply downloaded it and went to install it. I have vista atm. When I click the setup and the "check compatibility online" and "install now" come up. I click "install now" and it goes to the installation window. It says "Copying temporary files" then "Starting setup" but then just closes and goes back to the "check compatibility online" and "install now" window. I'm not sure why. This happens with my friends computer as well, using the same iso. I burned a disk but the results are the same. I looked for threads, but there is a flood of hanging installations, but mine simply closes. Please help.

Thank you

Just realized I need to make a clean install going from Home Premium to W7 Pro. Sorry :redface:


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How about starting from the beginning and be more precise about the steps you have taken and more information about the versions of the software you are using and going to.

For instance, you have a copy of Windows x64 what, Pro, Ultimate.....?
You are currently running Vista x64 (or 32) version Home premium?
I am assuming you have internet access.

Did you download a .iso image and burn it that way, or make an .iso from downloaded files?

You know, things you might need to know to be able to answer the question.


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Yes,. "clean" install is the way to go.

Unless,. of course,. your disk is corrupted

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