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For the life of me I can't figure this out. I want to have my windows open in the maximized configuration. I have tried to open a window (like Windows Explorer) and then pull the corners to enlarge it. After I do this and get out of that area I restart it and the window wasn't saved in the maximize configuration. I have tried this several different way and it won't keep my supposedly (new default setting). I thought there was a place in the folders set up that allows it to remember all the folder settings but that doesn't do it. I know I have done this before but I just can't remember. My other issue is that I can't remember how to create a short cut of a web page so as to keep the icon of the web page. I know I have done this before too. I know how to create a shortcut the normal way and when I do this I get the Internet Explorer Icon rather than the icon of the web page. Maybe I am just getting too old for this stuff anymore. I would appreciate a memory jog here.
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Hi! Let me know if this helps.... Windows Explorer Folder View settings - Vista Forums (I think the article you want is: "Shortcut Default Open Window Size") You can access this article through the above link, it is listed at the bottom of the page.

Thank you for showing me another direction. Unfotunately this didn't work. First off I tried to use the download registry fix and my system would not allow access to the registry files. I have administrator rights and I am the only one signed in to use this computer. I tried to manually input and followed the directions. The only trouble here was I got as far as HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\Local Settings and that was as far as my registry entry goes. There were no entries after Local Settings. If I went to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software then to Microsoft I could continue to Windows\Shell. From there I followed the instructions all the way. When it was all said and done I tied to open a Windows Explorere window that I had previously maximized and it went back to its original position. There were several other articles I read where they all go to Software\Classes\Local Setting\Software\Microsoft etc but mine does't have all that. I have UAC off and like I said I am the only person who can log on and I am the adminsitrator. Why is this happening?


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Unfortunately, due to a strange, MS made, anomaly in Vista, you are not the "Global" administrator.
Your rights to several functions are curtailed.
It is not difficult to obtain the rights, but first, re-enable the UAC and try again to run the reg file. Acknowledge the popups from the UAC.
If that fails, try this.
Type Control Userpasswords2, in the run bar.
Click "Advanced" and then "Advanced" again
Clck users and then Administrator.
Untick "Account is disabled"
Now OK the windows, back to the desktop.
Log off. You will now see another logon entry for the Administrator. Log on with that and Try the reg procedure again.
If you are succesful, other advice is that you should then disable the Admin account again, as it leaves your computer more open to internet attacks.

Davehc, well once again I thought maybe this would do the trick. At least it was something different. I followed your instructions and tried the patch after enabling UAC. This didn't work. Then I went in with Control Userpasswords2 and got to the second advanced widow. This window had 3 columns. 1)Local users and Groups(Local) 2) This computer is running Windows Vist Home Premium. This snapin may not be used with this version of windows. To manage user accounts for this computer use the user accounts tool in the Control Panel. 3) more actions (view and help). Also when I canceled out of it and tried to get back here to post this I tried to open up Internet Explorer and it now tells me "Windows cannot access the specified device, path or file. You may not have the appropriate permission to access the item." Is this because UAC is on? When I loaded all my software on this machine (a new one) I did it all with the UAC off as it was a pain in the neck. Windows Vista was initially installed with me being the administrator. Why am I having all these problems now? Is this a hopeless situation. I would hate to have to start from scratch and re-load it all over again. It took be 3 days to get to where I am now. I appreciate your time and effort.

After trying the above mentioned actions, I tried to undo the UAC and the system would not let me get it. I had to go back to another restore point. It was then that I read (I think) that you have to have another account for the Administrator to have Administrator privledges. I noticed that my Administrator account was the only one there. My Guest account had been turned off. Do you think this would make any difference with anything. Could this be why my machine has been acting so strange? Just another thought. I am out of ideas.


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Vista acts very strangely if you turn the UAC on after you've done an install with it turned off. You can can turn it on to do certain stuff but it really starts to get very muddled up and is best left well alone once it's turned off..


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Sorry. I lost the thread there somewhere.!
So confirm you have now restored to an earlier installation, and the only account you have for your login is called "Administrator"?
Also. Through which method did you try to turn off the UAC? Where did you see that the guest account was turned off?


After I made the last effort by turning on UAC, I went back into User Accounts and turned UAC off from there. I also tried to see why I might not have global adminisstrative privledges. During my hunting and pecking I noticed that my guest account had been turned off. I think that was also under User Accounts. At any rate when I had trouble even opening Internet Explorer where I think it said I didn't have permission (or something like that I don't remember now) I went back to an earlier restore point. I got things working again but that didn't fix the screen size issue. On another note I took another hard drive I had and made an Arronis restore on it from an earlier saved Drive C: image. I booted from that disk and the system did remember the screen size. Since I know I have that to fall back on I will save that. I am going to try and reinstall Vista from scratch and reload all the software once again just to see if somehow I can retain my administrative priviledges. On my first install I loaded all my software with UAC off. I will try it again with UAC on and see ultimately that makes a difference. At this point I am just experimenting. I can always go back to my Acronis backup and go from there. Maybe there was just a glitch upon one of my software installs, who knows. I have had more issues with Vista then I ever did with XP. I have all the Vista issues ironed out except this one. Time will tell.


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You didn't quite fill in the blanks, But I am assuming you are logging in as a User/admin?
Probably hard work, but a fresh install will certainly solve your problems. If you find, after that, the *.reg file will still not run, then you could try the manual editing of the registry (regedit)
With the home edition, it is still possible to open the global Adminstrator account. But take this with caution. I seemed to have misdirected you before but. fwiw., open a command prompt and typ in net user administrator /active It should respond with something like "Operation successful" . NOW, if you log of, you will find that you can logon again as a full Adminstrator, which gives you priviliges far beyond the user/admin account.


Well thanks for all the info. I bit the bullet and did a fresh install (for the 3rd time due to a combo of hardware and software issues) I am happy to say it all went well. I have everything loaded without a hitch and I still have windows remembering the window size. I am making a backup ASAP so I never have to go through this again, Thanks for all your help. All my windows/hardware issues have been resolved and it only took me two weeks!!

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