Windows 10 Activation from an Activated Windows Insider

Jing Polito

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I had an activated windows insider preview Win10 version and had a clean install when the Full version was released after downloaded the .iso file. I got a not activated win 10 OS after the fresh install and a forum said I just have to wait for days for it to be automatically activated but its been weeks and I still did not get the Automatic Activation of my Win 10 Pro. Do I need to contact MS's customer service for assistance? do you have their number I can call in Asia?



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How to Force Activation
Step 1: Bring up the Start Menu and search for Command Prompt. Right-click it and select Run as administrator from the context menu.

Step 2: In the Command Prompt, type the text: slmgr.vbs –rearm and press Enter to execute.

Step 3: Close the Command Prompt window and reboot your PC.

The above was found on How To Activate Microsoft Windows 10
Hope this solves your issue.

Jing Polito

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Hi Moondoggy, thanks for the very quick reply. already performed above instruction and the "Activate your Windows" banner at the lower RIGHT of the screen was gone but when I check the activation status from the system it says its still not activated.. pls refer to screen capture.. attached. Again, thanks a lot for the assistance.


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Are you still an insider or did you leave the program? If you left the program then that is probably the reason it won't activate.

Jing Polito

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I was still an insider until the full version was released and I checked the activation of my preview OS and it was Activated before I made the Fresh Install of win10.


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Once you leave the insider preview you will loose your activation. That is one of a couple of reasons I left it and went back to 8.1 and reserved my copy of Windows 10. Not sure but if you go back to the insider you may find it being activated again.


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There are situations concerning activation which are not yet clear. As Sonny mentions, going back into the Insider program may reactivate your install, but that process has been turned off for a while and it may not work for the time being.

A more detailed history of your install may help in determining your situation. For instance, when you joined the Insider program did you register with the program?

Did you, at any time, upgrade that specific current system from a qualified prior OS?

From the situation you describe, it sounds like that system has not yet stored the Activation information for Windows 10. If that is the case, you will not be able to clean install.

Howard Rippiner

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I'm not an insider; will this process work for me? Having followed the Microsoft instructions to allow automatic upgrade from 64-bit Windows 7 Pro to Windows 10, I ended up with 64-bit Windows 10 Pro on two PCs. However, both PCs had the same error; the left mouse button wouldn't bring up the list of programs and tiles panel. In addition, if I clicked on a URL link in an email message, edge came up and said that I needed to purchase a module from the Microsoft store (or something) before I could use it. Apart from that, the PC appeared to work OK in the new Windows 10 format.

Given that I obviously want to have Windows 10 working correctly, I downloaded the ISO for 64-bit Windows 10 Pro N version (Northern Europe) believing this should match the 64-bit Pro version that I had previously got via the upgrade route. I then cleaned off the 'C:' drives & re-installed Windows 10 Pro on both PCs. Both systems now work correctly, BUT I now get a message 'Activate Windows' in the right hand corner of the screen.

Does this mean that my original automatic upgrades to Windows 10 were never registered at Microsoft or could it mean that the use of the 'N' version (which only means that version excludes Microsoft's media player) is 'seen' as a something different to the 'free' edition?

I did phone Microsoft to ask them and got through to an Indian gentleman; he inferred that Microsoft will get round to checking activations, but I'm not convinced that they won't shut this version down. On Windows 7 installs, Microsoft gave you two weeks to register the OS; there's no similar message coming up.

Does anyone know if I'm likely to be activated automatically or will the above process work for me?


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Open a command prompt and type slmgr /xpr

This will tell you whether or not your machine is permanently activated and when and if it will expire. Generally speaking, there is no good reason to use the N version, as this was a version that Microsoft was ordered to release due to concerns about monopoly, I believe, in Europe. The "N" version is one that even technicians will avoid installing, if only for the fact that it is more difficult to manage based on the missing feature set, and you can pretty much disable and/or not run the media software that Microsoft includes.

Howard Rippiner

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Thanks for the quick response Mike. I typed simgr /xpr in the Command Prompt and got the answer: 'Windows is in Notification Mode'. Does that mean it's notifying me that it's not registered or that it's notifying Microsoft that the install needs checking? Please advise.

p.s. I see a Windows 7 re-install coming on to get Windows 10 for free! As my Windows 7CD is a 2009 (pre: SP1) vintage, That's not good. If I have to do this, is there anywhere I can download Windows 7 with all the updates & just use my original key?