Windows 10 Black Screen startup


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I've noticed that during the first startup, none of my external devices (mouse, keyboard etc) work. When I move the mouse the internal motherboard speaker sounds. It's almost as if all input output slots fail or arent working until I shut the pc down. Could this be what is causing the issue below? If so, what can I do?

I'm using my hd tv via hdmi as the sole monitor for my Windows 10 desktop. However I keep finding when starting up PC after shutting down, that after the first 10-15 seconds the tv goes black as if the monitor has been disconnected. Ive tried unplugging the hdmi cable from to and PC then plugging in again, using a vga cable to PC and to instead, turning off tv, changing the input source on tv. But anything I try, I'm still not able to bring the image back. The only way I've been able to fix it is I've had to resort to turning the PC off from the mains (which makes me very uneasy as its not good to do so) and turn it on again, whereby it magically works fine with no issue second time round.

Is there anything I can do to prevent this from occurring (in display settings possibly?)


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During this "first start up" is your computer coming out of sleep or hibernate? Are there any PnP manager errors in event viewer? Is your display set to HDMI? Have to tried lower the resolution on the computer, it could be to high for the TV to handle.


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Hi thanks for getting back to me. This occurs when the computer starts up from having been completely shut down. Just had a look at event viewer and I can;t see any PnP manager issues around the startup time. Only kernal boot & FilterManager logs until my forced shutdown.
I have to admit the TV is fairly old, probably one of the first with HD. However, after the forced shutdown from plug, and restart a few moments later it seems to work again. Resolution settings are at recommended 1360 x 768. Not sure how to set to HD. Adaptor is GeForce GTX 970, with up to date drivers.

I've started noticing that no peripherals (mouse, keyboard, wifi dongle etc) seem to be responding upon first startup & when I try to move the mouse, the internal speaker sounds. Thinking whatever is causing this, could be related to monitor also?


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I have the same problem I have looked for answers in everyplace I can think of. I might just throw out win 10 and switch to linux mint I know everything works with Mint it is on my work PC, runs smoother, faster and everything I need is installed at one shot, and it can run the few windows programs I need in wine this constant update and no control of when the updates and what updates are installed is for the birds


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along with Neemo's excellent advice above have you tried booting into safe mode when this happens? Also have you tried updating the gpu drivers?


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Hi Timberwolf, unfortunately the advice I received was insufficient.

After some investigating/trial and error on my own I found the issue was due to an out of date graphics driver for my Nvidia card (driver update had been released no more than 24-48 hours prior to encountering issue, and I'd ignored prompts to update). For some reason this would prevent the HD cable from sending a signal to my TV/monitor upon startup. If you're able to use a VGA cable instead of HD, that worked for me. Once the driver is updated, HD will work again however this issue may rear its head down the line.

To try and prevent this, now when I notice a new driver for my graphics card has been released I update it right away. To completely prevent this issue reoccurring I've reverted to using a VGA cable instead of HD and the problem has not happened since.

Ultimately I'd rather have the computer working with a lower quality resolution than have the issue above return which led to me corrupting my HD from all the hard reboots. Hope it works for you, good luck!
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Hi Alex,
Glad you got it solved! :up: I might also suggest that it is quite risky to hit those little update popups from NVidia or Microsoft or any other manufacturer as soon as they come in unless you have a good backup plan in place to backup all your personal data (Library folders) to external media, as well as a good Image Backup program for W10 such as (Macrium, Acronis, or EASEus TODO). GPU card drivers and Mobo driver updates can come in from any of those sources at any time and scramble your windows! GPU and Mobo drivers are usually updated a few times in a year, sometimes only once a year or less; whereas the Microsoft updates for W10 come in weekly on the Tuesday patch push-out whether you click the popup or not. This can be catastrophic to your PC as you are no doubt well aware. Just a suggestion.

About your comments on Mint; I am loving this version of Linux along with my old favorite Ubuntu, and have a dedicated machine running it. I've got printers, FAH, and a few other apps on it and am using it more and more. Still not ready to throw my 9 Windows PCs out the door just yet as I've been running Windows since 1986. But, I think it's an alternative that's looking better and better for people who aren't fans of the W10 update modality as you say. I'm fighting that issue in the trenches on a daily basis with my Customers so I get your frustration, believe me. I just thought I'd throw in with you on liking the Mint. Love that Mint 18 desktop!:applaud:



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I had that yesterday, the computer was running fine when I shut it down the night before, when I booted it up in the morning it booted to a black screen with an active cursor, I know Windows was loaded, I could hear the start sound and my mouse was working.

I rebooted it 5 times with the same result.

I always keep my drivers up to date so that wasn't the problem, and it should revert to the default mother board video anyway.

I finally restored my system image file (lucky I made one a few days ago) and everything went back to normal.

I have no idea what caused this to happen as I hadn't been messing with anything.