Thinking of skipping this " Creators-upgrade " and go for Redstone 3 in September.............

That may be your best bet, that is, if you want added features.:)

However, if you have a 4K monitor or Smart TV, then you may gain from the Creator's Update, which appeared to be the intended target. Since I don't (yet) have one, seems like a lot of wasted time upgrading half a dozen installs. In fact, the Creator's Update wasn't offered in the Update Manager, just a notice that it was available. Maybe that was for the best, as we don't get to pick & choose updates, well Home or Pro users anyway. Pro users has the advantage of when to install these, not what's received.

Redstone 3 will likely be pushed harder than Creator's Update, and will likely shortly afterwards be required for support. We can only hope that Redstone 3 brings to a lot more to the table than the Creator's Update did.:)

Well I thought I was doing good with this version of Windows. But yesterday I noticed the crackling audio was back. I tried to re-do the pertinent drivers but couldn't get rid of it. Then I tried System Restore. When it rebooted it couldn't start back up. Of the available options to fix it the only one that worked was System Reset. It did fix the crackling though.

I'm a little disgusted at this point. I don't know if it's all because of the Creator's Update or because I use the SSD for my system drive. I'd sure hate to give up the SDD. I love how fast my computer is with it. There have been a few glitches though. Mostly with Chrome lagging on certain websites. Especially this one.

I don't have the option to go back to the previous Windows version. Maybe I can figure out what is actually causing the screw-ups. I guess I need to pay extreme attention to what's going on. I sure am getting sick of having to reset Windows over and over. Is this where I need to go to post any info about this issue or should it be in the Q&A thread? If there are any errors in the future I'll really try to catch the details.
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Yup; lots of weird problems with W10 CU. We've got one fellow here with a self-built PC that BSODs on v1703; and we're like 160+ posts into trying to help him fix that one. He gets absoulely no BSODs are v1607 or earlier version; exact same hardware in the case.:andwhat:
I'll let you know that I am running v1703 on my Sony laptop (8 yrs. old) with a Kingston 120GB SSD no real problems. I do get a weird problem with the laptop coming out of hibernation mode I didn't have with earlier version, v1607, but I suspect it's one of the new option setting in the Power Management applets. Hope to figure this out eventually--but, I might just wait for the Redstone3 update in September! LOL. :ahaha:

I've done 2 other desktop PCs with the CU update as well, and those are running good.:thumbs_up: No major issues. The Update process is a nightmare of course, and I've mentioned that on several threads here on W10 help and upgrade sub-forums. The consensus most of us have here is that Clean Install is still the way to go, and in most cases that fixes everything!;)

So more updates on their way soon.. Nice post David, let's hope we see them shortly.
Now I can't get Homegroup to work. It keeps telling me "Windows can't setup a homegroup on this computer". The thing I'd like to do is format the C: drive before installing it so no settings will carry over. The thing is the disk I burned is dual layer. Imgburn told me it came out right but I can't help but wonder if the layer break might be a problem. I guess I need to go get a small package of single layer disks before I try again.

I'm also considering looking for the previous version ISO. This update really seems to be riddled with problems.

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I dont use this option, so I switched off the services also.
If you want to use it, then first check these services ( Home group provider etc.) set them "on" .
The service will start automatically, when you start a homegroup.

I have had this problem from time to time. The way I usually get around it is, in the first instance,, either disconnect from the internet, or , if convenient, switch off the other computers with whom you wish to link through the homegroup.
I found a fix for my Homegroup issue here. The only thing is when it came to the last step where you remove the passwords in "Services.msc" - "Peer Networking Grouping - Properties - Logon" It wouldn't let me. I set it up without removing them and it worked.
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Ah. You didn't mention the peer networking message popup in your earlier post. Never seen that one. I wonder though, why it would be an error associated with the Windows 10 update - but then - many strange problems being encountered.
Ok I guess I left something out. I didn't actually get that popup. It wouldn't start the three services mentioned because it couldn't find a key. I had to change the "MachineKeys" sub-folder to make it start the services. I didn't get the exact wording of the error message.
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just a quick update of sorts … microsoft finally landed on my doorstep with the creator's update. patch-tuesday updated several files … and then, today, was the official prompt for the creator's update.

cu (45mins) really went smooth … very sublime feelings of intrepidation as opposed to the au (8.5hour) update from last year. and i have the group here to thank. without everyone's caution, i may have rushed headlong into d/l and installing soon as it was available. another reason for my delay was because my laptop is already in it's fourth year. according to some netizens … i should be applying linseed oil on the casket … and chipping away an epitaph for the laptop's headstone.

anyway … once again, thanks for everyone's support along the way … cheers!

just to serve as heads-up … after the successful update … boot-up takes a bit longer … and connx speed to internet does not seem constant. my previously stable connx of 25mbps (d/l) was cut gravely down to 5mbps (pun intended). after first shut-down … every subsequent connx exhibits same performance-lag for appx 5-7 minutes and then returns to normal speed afterward.
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However, if you have a 4K monitor or Smart TV, then you may gain from the Creator's Update, which appeared to be the intended target.

Now that I have a 4K monitor, still don't see what the buzz is all about, or maybe have overlooked a feature.:(

Looks to me to be a continuation of the W10 series. and today, likely to maintain updates, as Microsoft has evidently abandoned the '24 month' support cycle until the next SP (or rolling release upgrades) ships. So far, what Microsoft has appeared to have done was to take a page from Debian (Linux), which does the same, no clean install required under normal circumstances.

However, this piling one roof on top of another will eventually come crashing down, as was shown with XP, maybe why no true SP2 was issued for Windows 7, although this would simplify install. I guess to avoid this effect, especially if Windows 7 was an upgrade from Vista/XP, then maybe W8/8.1, then all of these W10 upgrades, a clean install would be in order at some point.

Hopefully (or prayerfully) the next huge W10 release will give us benefits that we can see & put to use.:)

Had successfully updated to build 16232 all fine and working. But! System window still crashing since previous build. It once worked after I updated but after few restart it went back to crashing issue. Anyone?

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I'm running Build 16278 w/out any issues, other than the ESET Banking & Payment browser won't open. Am thinking that maybe it's not quite compatible yet, as with a prior upgrade that had to be rolled back, ESET Smart Security wasn't working at all (the active protection modules).

This is leading me to believe that Microsoft is attempting to force their security, just as they're on Windows 10 S Preview, globally. The AV/IS industry will fight this all the way to the highest Court in every nation, Kaspersky has already been an outspoken critic of this tactic. Windows Defender is not adequate protection for everyone, I've tried it several times, doesn't block Malware loaded Web pages like Malwarebytes & ESET does (I run MBAM for AM protection, ESET for AV & Internet Security). I believe the breakage of security is intentional on the part of Microsoft, up to the point of the Creator's Update, have ran the 1-2 punch of MBAM & ESET for years, going back to the XP SP3 days, w/out issues.

Microsoft is breaking Fair Trade laws (in the US) in cramming Windows Defender down everyone's throat. We have an exclusive right to pick & choose our own security, not to mention they're attempting to decimate an industry. Check out the AV-Comparatives site for more detail, Windows Defender is baseline protection, blocking up to 90% of threats & that's a very generous figure. On a test machine, I was able to travel freely until the install was so infected that there was no other choice except to revert to a clean backup image taken prior to the test cruise. No 3rd party tool could totally cleanup the mess left behind, to put it in perspective, one Microsoft Edge page after another was opening in the background (each loaded with ads), things quickly got to the point to where only a forced shutdown could stop the madness.:(

And Microsoft says that Edge is 'safer' than Google Chrome? Not even close.:D

So how could their security be superior to traditional offerings?:)

Should be close in terms of the Fall Creators Update. MSFT has stated it will release on OCT 17

Culled from The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is coming to PCs on October 17


Microsoft is holding a briefing at the IFA 2017 conference today, where it finally announced the release date of the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. The feature update will be arriving on PCs on October 17.

One of the key features of the Fall Creators Update (FCU) is Windows Mixed Reality. With head-mounted displays (HMDs) from OEMs like Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and 3Glasses that start at $299 and work with PCs that have integrated graphics, there's a much lower entry point for virtual reality than with competing products from Oculus and HTC. PCs with integrated graphics will run the experience at 60fps, but a discrete GPU will get you 90fps.

The company has also improved Game Mode with the FCU, allowing you to "use the full processing power of your device as if it was an Xbox game console", from a button on the Game Bar.

Aside from gaming and Mixed Reality, there are plenty of improvements for those that just want to get things done. OneDrive Files On-Demand is the long-awaited replacement for the placeholders that were found in Windows 8.1 and removed in Windows 10. You'll be able to see all of your files that are stored in the cloud - even if you haven't chosen to sync them - and you can choose to store them offline by right-clicking on the file or folder and choosing that option.

The update also comes with some improvements to Windows Ink, allowing you to mark up PDF files in the Edge browser. There's also a new Find my Pen feature, which basically just tells you the last place that you were when you used your pen.

Microsoft says that it has 'reimagined' the Photos app to "deliver remixed experiences for telling your stories with photos, videos, music, 3D, and, even inking." The firm is, of course, talking about its Story Remix feature, which it announced at its Build developer conference this year.

As always, there are Windows Defender improvements to keep your system more secure, and there are accessibility improvements as well. Eye Control is an "incredible eye tracking technology that lets you type, and operate a mouse just using your eyes, this is life changing technology for those with Lou Gehrig’s disease."

Microsoft will begin rolling out the Fall Creators Update on October 17, although it's likely to be a staged rollout, with the company testing it on newer devices and gradually pushing it out to others as it gets more feedback. As far as Windows 10 Mobile goes, Microsoft says that it expects it in a similar timeframe.
I'm going to venture to say that they either have the RTM build for the public release or, they will have it by mid month or so. Either way I've heard rumor that 16278 could be the RTM build. but if there are still issues with it.. then one more build or so could be the actual release build 16xxx or something