I'm running Build 16278 w/out any issues, other than the ESET Banking & Payment browser won't open. Am thinking that maybe it's not quite compatible yet, as with a prior upgrade that had to be rolled back, ESET Smart Security wasn't working at all (the active protection modules).

This is leading me to believe that Microsoft is attempting to force their security, just as they're on Windows 10 S Preview, globally. The AV/IS industry will fight this all the way to the highest Court in every nation, Kaspersky has already been an outspoken critic of this tactic. Windows Defender is not adequate protection for everyone, I've tried it several times, doesn't block Malware loaded Web pages like Malwarebytes & ESET does (I run MBAM for AM protection, ESET for AV & Internet Security). I believe the breakage of security is intentional on the part of Microsoft, up to the point of the Creator's Update, have ran the 1-2 punch of MBAM & ESET for years, going back to the XP SP3 days, w/out issues.

Microsoft is breaking Fair Trade laws (in the US) in cramming Windows Defender down everyone's throat. We have an exclusive right to pick & choose our own security, not to mention they're attempting to decimate an industry. Check out the AV-Comparatives site for more detail, Windows Defender is baseline protection, blocking up to 90% of threats & that's a very generous figure. On a test machine, I was able to travel freely until the install was so infected that there was no other choice except to revert to a clean backup image taken prior to the test cruise. No 3rd party tool could totally cleanup the mess left behind, to put it in perspective, one Microsoft Edge page after another was opening in the background (each loaded with ads), things quickly got to the point to where only a forced shutdown could stop the madness.:(

And Microsoft says that Edge is 'safer' than Google Chrome? Not even close.:D

So how could their security be superior to traditional offerings?:)

In my opinion, what you are describing is the entirely monetary goal of hosting apps on the Windows Store. Google and Apple have built-in anti-virus mechanisms on their smart phones and tablet operating systems, whereas, Microsoft has fallen behind in adjusting to these market conditions. Microsoft once dominated the entire computing industry with Windows as an OS. Somehow Microsoft has fallen behind in the phone and tablet area, which is slowly, but assuredly, leading to major changes in how people interact "in the cloud" or "Internet of Things". Not to mention, Windows Phone is, for all intents and purposes, not really gaining traction, with an whopping estimated 0.8% in the entire world of Internet traffic as being Windows Phone. Very few people want to run some MS-SQL database on Azure cloud, in my opinion, and the only reason they would be doing so, would be to avoid the inevitable switch over to MySQL and re-write of legacy apps.

While it may just be a rumor, it is also my understanding that Microsoft may intend to distribute Microsoft Office 2018(?) exclusively through the Windows Store. All you have to do is look at the push towards "Windows 10 S" which is supposed to be streamlined for security by only allowing Windows Store apps. I don't know anyone on the planet that actually uses Windows Store apps regularly. If a major virus were to infect Windows-based computers, today, through the "Store" or any other attack surface, this company would be left reeling. It would be the final body blow that convinces people and companies, to develop a direct competitor to Windows as an operating system (presuming and/or assuming they are not doing so already). So in my opinion, the obsession with security is actually well validated, but it is also based on conditions in the hardware and software industries.

For many years, when Microsoft ruled the entire computing industry, vulnerabilities were spreading like crazy. I do not chalk this up to poor security, but anyone who is #1 is going to be attacked the most. However, people remember this. They still have the potentially ruinous belief that Windows is inherently insecure.

Think about the upgrade to Windows 10 as having been "free" for 1 year. Basically, they are going to want to keep releasing their own hardware, such as Surface, even though it may aggravate PC hardware companies, in order to try to stay relevant. The idea that someone is going to want to work on spreadsheets on a tablet is not that far fetched, but most companies would still prefer a dedicated Windows workstation, at this time. However, those days could change, and very quickly. Just my thoughts on this subject. Don't forge to "be secure" while running Windows. This is very good marketing. And Defender is not that bad, but it has a ways to go. So they are trying to integrate security as a core component into the OS to keep it relevant, IMO.
I let my curiosity get the better of me and allowed the Insider thing to update me to the new version. Sure enough ESET Banking doesn't operate but I couldn't find anything that said modules weren't working. I know I'm supposed to install with a disk but I'm feeling lazy this morning. If anything weird happens I'll post it here unless someone tells me to post it at a better place.
I just got the 16288.1 update and ESET Banking works right. I don't know if the fix was from MS or ESET but anyway it's all good now.
I got build 16294.1 and now ESET Banking doesn't do anything. At least it gave you an error message on the first version I got. Then on 16288.1 it worked right. Now on this one it doesn't work at all. Go figure. o_O
I go out for a few hours and they release a new build. I'd best install it.

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I can call up the hardened browser in ESET then access my banks. It just doesn't do it automatically like it used to.

As far as the problems with a/v vendors goes, I really don't believe they would do that purposefully. In their idea of the perfect world it might seem like a good idea. But everybody knows there's no such thing as "perfect". The antitrust accusations would be rampant. I mean, Kaspersky has already done it.

Do yall really think they could be that stupid?
I use malwarebytes and windows defender and have yet to run into a problem. This build seems smoother than the last. Gaming is definitely better.
I guess that'll learn me to get on the fast track of the Insider Program. I started up my computer to find it finishing the install of version 16296.0. Now ESET Banking won't do anything. It doesn't work with the Edge browser either.

I wonder if MS will fix it or if the fix will have to come from ESET. I turned in feedback on it.
I've got 2 updates lately. 16299.0 still had the watermark and the ESET secured browser wouldn't work. Now with 16299.15 the watermark is gone and the secured browser does work if I call it up through the ESET control panel. It still doesn't work automatically though.
I've got 2 updates lately. 16299.0 still had the watermark and the ESET secured browser wouldn't work. Now with 16299.15 the watermark is gone and the secured browser does work if I call it up through the ESET control panel. It still doesn't work automatically though.
Multiple sources are now speculating that 16299.15 is the RTM. The watermark and timebomb have been removed from this build.
I had to opt out of the Insider Program. The new one broke ESET Banking again. I rolled it back to 16299.15 and shut it off. I think I need a break anyway. I always had to reset my network settings with each new build.
Yeah I can understand that. I was just curious. But it kept breaking stuff for me so I don't think I'm going to do it again. Plus I don't like the water mark.
Last build doesn't have the watermark. Running the fall creators here build 16299.15. Created an iso yesterday and clean installed it and all is working well.
Today, the update should appear on Windows Update via staged rollout. That means it will reach certain regions and systems over a prolonged period of time. However we don't know how long the staged rollout is. Some sites are reporting (without sourcing anything, of course), that the rollout could take several weeks. I find that hard to believe, but I suppose anything is possible. There is also a cumulative update being tested for insiders - KB4043961 - that updates this build from 16299.15 to 16299.19. Whether or not it is distributed to non-Insiders yet remains to be seen, but it is listed as a bug fix release that corrects some minor issues.

If anything, after today, it is best to assume that the Media Creation Tookit will be updated and that you will also be able to make the official ISO/USB using that utility.