Windows 10 windows 10 goes back while on and force lock me out

basically while I'm on my computer I'm finding at random times my computer monitor goes black similar to how you switch sources except it stays black and I can't do anything about it ovi I went into safemode and tried to deal with it by downloading software to remove old drivers as that is what was recommended by a post I saw online this seems to happen as you upgrade builds which was 10242 to 11150 but that didn't work and o top of that my computer force lock me out where I get sent to the sign-in screen

other that all this I can say this all started on my 10242 build so mabey the upgrade didn't matter

can someone help me ???


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if your using a laptop, google the laptop manufacturers website and look for your models support page. Try installing the latest Windows 10 drivers for your model.


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Is this a laptop monitor or an external and what type of cable are you connected with?

i don't have a labtop i use a desktop computer


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Can you post some system specifications as that may help us further determine the issue.


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Does your monitor says shortly after it goes black something like "No signal"? (if not it may be a monitor problem)
Is your computer swiched off by itself when it goes black? (if it is it may be a heat / powersupply problem)
Are there entries in the event log from just before the moment of going black? (you know how to find the event log else ask)


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