Windows 10 Horizontal Split Screen Ugh!


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Hi thanks for calling in !!

My computer is driving me UP THE WALL when it boots it boots into a Horizontal Screen normal screen at the top and a BLACK screen at the bottom. I am aufait with using the cursor to clear the problem NORMALLY but this fault is very ABNORMAL i.e. slowly move the cursor to the line and the cursor SHOULD change from a normal cursor shape to a cursor showing a up/down arrow then holding it with the left mouse button will allow you to normalize the screen but no the cursor remains the same shape and now after tearing my hair out I'm going to see what tablets I've got.

I've had a look at the usual things Snap and Win Down keys etc. but no.

PLEASE if you have an answer as quick as you can please before I do the 'Terrible Thing'. THANKS and do Stay Safe.