Windows 10 Windows 10 lost wifi when using


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Aug 8, 2019
Máy tính của tôi đang chạy Windows 10, nhưng tôi thường bị mất wifi, tôi không biết mình đã cài đặt phiên bản Windows 10 chưa.
Có ai rơi vào trường hợp này?
Xin hãy khắc phục.
Google translate gives: "I'm running Windows 10, but I often lose wifi, I don't know if I have installed Windows 10 version yet. Has anyone fallen into this situation? Please fix it. "
I am afraid that this is not enough information. And we don't fix faults, we try to help.
If you send us whatever you have on help, ie brand and model of your laptop/pc, which version and build of Windows, has it worked before, is it working if you move to another place, whatever you can think of.
Hope to here soon of you.
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